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Baxter Of California Beard Oil

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Detangling and Softening Facial Hair Oil

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As far as beard oils go, for anyone out there rocking a great beard, you should be using one. Its just simple and it doesn’t have to be a messy time-consuming job. Baxter of California have handcrafted this botanical beard elixir that is quick and effective (and does the job). Lightweight in formula and suitable for all skin types, this quick absorbing oil will nourish and condition both your beard and skin in the surrounding area. Enriched inside each bottle you’ll find avocado oil and squalene which moisturise and condition the beard and skin underneath. It is common that a lot of men don’t treat the skin underneath or even use a product that doesn’t reach the area. Without great maintained skin under a beard you can say goodbye to strong and thick beard hair. It will be brittle, cause itchiness and just become uncomfortable. You’ll find with Baxter of California’s beard oil, that isn’t the case. It has potent vitamin E which reduces brittleness on beard hair and any beard related irritations. You’ll find the benefits also include hair growth and smoother hair that isn’t wiry to the touch. If used daily this oil begins to reform and change your beard for the better. It will become tamer to manage and maintain and its natural shine will be encouraged more promisingly. There is a subtle fragrance to the beard oil of cedarwood and jasmine to entice your senses. The botanical extracts in this hydrating oil provide you with a lush full beard. It is important to make sure every area of your face is properly groomed, that includes areas hidden because of facial hair. To apply and get great results just, drop a few blobs of the oil into your palms and rub together gentle to warm the solution. Then squeeze and run through your beard to work and massage the oil down to the skin. Allow to dry quickly and enjoy softer hair and skin.

Size -30ml

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Manufacturer Baxter of California

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