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MMUK MAN Exfoliator For Men

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Mens Mint Facial Exfoliating Skin Care

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Key Benefits of MMUK MANs Maximum Replenish Mint Exfoliation Polish:

Protects, rebalances and restores your skin.

Achieving cleaner, fresher and revitalized skin.

Experience all day long freshness with an invigorating mint complex.

Cleans, purifies and de-clogs skin pores and create your first line of defence against the uprise of imperfections such as spots, blemishes and blackheads.

Rids your skin of dead, damaged and dull skin cells and actively encourages skin cell regeneration for long term fresh, smooth and cleaner looking skin.

Evens skin tone, firms your skin and alleviates rough and damaged areas of your face with a high quality vitamin complex.

Strike the perfect balance between mild and deep male exfoliation with MMUK MANs Maximum Replenish Mint Exfoliation Polish. A gentle yet high performance skin care product derived from sugar, apricot oils and lemon for the ultimate in male skincare. With its high impact formula comes this skin care product’s ability to protect, rebalance and restore your skins natural moisture. For visibly cleaner, fresher and revitalized skin, fellas, it is time to call in the back up power of one of MMUK MANs most popular male grooming products.

Experience the invigoratingly fresh impact of mint, used to completely revive and replenish your skin all day long in our latest male skin care blockbuster.

Much can be said for regular exfoliation. Needless to say there are countless male grooming brands out there jumping on the bandwagon of male exfoliators in order to make themselves a quick buck. However gents, do not get sucked in by their marketing ploys. Here at MMUK MAN we like to establish the facts and break them down into bite size pieces for our modern day male contingent to thoroughly digest.

Learn The Cycle

Periodic exfoliation will in fact clean, purify and de-clog skin pores. However, over exfoliation can have detrimental effects on your skin. Therefore, we recommend using MMUK MANs mens exfoliator just three times per week, and remember to keep it constant.

The Clean Up

Male exfoliators as stated above clean and purify pores, but what does this mean? In man-terms, this skin care series fights against the uprise of many imperfections, such as spots, blackheads, ingrown hairs and blemishes...All caused by dirty, clogged and oil ridden skin pores. Maximum Replenish - This feature of our product is one we are incredibly proud to share with you. MMUK MANs mint facial exfoliator drives away dead, damaged and dull skin cells from the very depths of your skin. However, that is only half the story. In doing so, our patented formula actively encourages skin cell regeneration for the ultimate in long term fresh, smooth and clearer looking skin.

Toughen Up

Our mens facial exfoliator uses a unique and structured delivery system of apple, seaweed and Japanese Green Tea to smooth your skin texture after use, even your skin tone and provides stabilizing qualities for visibly firmer and revitalized skin.

So gentlemen, remove the pressure on your pores to disperse of environmental debris, attacks and oils. Instead work MMUK MAN into your grooming routine and even alleviate rough areas of skin with a vitamin enriched luxury formula.

Size - 120ml

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Manufacturer MMUK MAN

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