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Jack Black Sun Guard Sunscreen

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SPF45 Men’s Sun Protection Cream

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If you spend any number of hours under the heat of the sun, the one product that you should never forget to slap on is sunscreen. This is especially true if you’re engaging in water sports activities or group games in the great outdoors. Thankfully, you can use products like Jack Black’s Sun Guard Sunscreen SPF 45, a formula that’s oil-free and very water resistant. It’s funny how the word ‘very’ is even included in the label – but if you will be exposed to the sun and the water at the same time, you will definitely need this.

Aside from the SPF 45 protection offered by the Sun Guard Sunscreen, it has plenty of other ingredients that help combat the harsh effects of UV rays to the skin. It has UVA and UVB absorbers, which help screen ultraviolet rays. Vitamin C functions as an effective antioxidant and fights off free radicals from the skin. It also contains organic calendula flowers which has anti-inflammatory properties, while also helping soothe and calm the skin.

Just like any other sunscreen product, it is recommended that you apply the Sun Guard Sunscreen to the face and body prior to going out in the sun. Do it at least half an hour before sun exposure, so that the product can be properly absorbed by the skin. Reapply as necessary, after swimming or sweating it out. Again, this formulation is very water resistant so the lotion will not run or drip into your eyes when you’re engaged in water sports activities.

One last note of warning, gents. Even if you are simply walking your dog or running errands on a hot, sunny day, it still pays to apply sunscreen. 80% of sun damage occurs from incidental sun exposure so as long as you know that you will be exposed to the sun, even for the most mundane of activities, it pays to slap on plenty of Sun Guard Sunscreen.

Size – 118ml

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Manufacturer Jack Black

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