4VOO is a men’s skin care brand that’s enjoyed quite a lot of exposure recently since its launch in Europe. With numerous celebrity endorsements and high performance formulas, designed for the modern man, there’s little wonder why this brand has gone from strength to strength in recent years. In this week’s men’s skin care blog, we’ve picked our six of our favourites from the range and introduce you to each in depth below.

Facial Balancing Cleanser - 100ml

A luxurious soft cleanser formulated to remove dirt and airborne contaminates from your face. Being gentle to the skin it soothes, calms and tones, whilst providing a moisturised effect afterwards. Using a rich cleanser like this daily had many plus benefits and is fundamental for a healthy complexion. (Granted your lifestyle is of a similar aspect, things like water intake and healthier options for food all contribute towards your skin.) You'll have more subtle and softer skin the more you use it with its premium formula. Infused inside you have some interesting and smart ingredients: Silk, which is a natural protein fibre which has huge health benefits. Restoring pH balances in the skin, rejuvenating damaged skin tissue, energise muscle tissue and nerve endings, skin wrinkling and the human aging process are reduced and skin is left 'silky smooth'. (It's even in the name.) Extracts from Aloe Vera, rich in vitamins A, B, C and E to tone, rejuvenate and refresh. A healing activator to improve the condition of your skin. Algae extract too, a water binding agent aids to restore elasticity and improve hydration. Alba Bark (Birch) extract is highly purified and is an anti-inflammatory and protects against UV-damages. And lastly Tocopherol (Vit E) which shows signs of slowing the aging process. Fantastic also at protecting against free radical damages and keeping skin protected against moisture loss too. This daily cleanser need only the smallest dollop as its richness and concentrated, gentle formula lathers your face well. 1 bottle should last up to 4 months with a daily cleanse.

Body Lotion - 250ml

Silk infused body lotion to protect and moisturise from neck to toes. This beautiful and hard working lotion will support improving your skins texture with its added ingredient Secale Cereale, which extracted is purified naturally from Rye Seed. Anti-aging peptides are innovative and restore nourishment to the skin and rejuvenate damaged skin cells. Viola Tricolour, collected from Wild Pansies, aids to moisture retention and stimulate irrigation on the skin. As mentioned above Silk as the binding ingredient with its natural protein fibres, amino acids and anti-inflammatory properties. It's a wonderful ingredient big on the market. This lotion is packed with gentle boosting ingredients that provide such nutrients and benefits to your skin. Non-greasy and fast absorbing, so you aren't left with a residue effect. Your skin will have long-term benefits for retaining water. It will become more vibrant and hydrated. Best results - aim to use after a shower/bath or even a workout. Lather your skin from neck to toe and enjoy the luxury feeling of silky soft skin.

Moisturising Self Tanner - 50ml

Looking for a streak free and lasting bronze coloured tan? 4VOO's moisturising self tanner has a luxury formula that delivers a natural looking, fast absorbing tan with many (+) benefits for your skin. Anti-aging properties are given with this rich formula. Multi-peptides that improve the appearance of wrinkles. Silk has a huge input into this brand and is infused into each product. It's great as a botanical agent with its natural fibres of protein, amino acids and anti-inflammatory qualities. Retaining moisture and adapting to humidity of the surroundings, to release or continue to hold onto any moisture. Algae extract is used for its antioxidant properties, the water binding abilities and its list of proteins, minerals and vitamins. Tocopherol (Vitamin E) aids towards free radical damages caused to the skin. And lastly Aloe Vera extract, which is refreshing with its rejuvenating and firming actives. It helps towards restraining the natural aging process, and being one of the most gentle botanical agents used in skincare. It's packed full of vital vitamins, A, B, C and E. This provides beneficial strengths towards your skin as a whole. This self tanner packs your skin with a deep and gentle long lasting tan, whilst providing a beautiful and calming application that nourishes and maintains the skin applied too. Its luxury ingredients grant you premium benefits wo give you a sun kissed glow with the damages of UVA/UVB rays.

Uber Tech Super Restoring Night Formula - 50ml

Created exclusively for men this super infused botanical wonder, is pure magic in a bottle. Rich, premium ingredients that target specific areas to enhance and penetrate down to all 3 layers of the skin. Lower branded skincare formulas often only activate the top layer of the skin providing minimal benefits and shorter protection. But this brilliant formula bypasses to give you deeper benefits to improve and care for your skin. The formula is super packed with enough science to write a small book. Inside you'll find Polorized Water. This allows water to be absorbed into the deepest layers of the skin and retain itself, whilst it hydrates the top layers of skin cells for firmer and fresher looks. Natural plant extracts help to improve clearing dark circles and increasing microcirculation. Hybrridized Peptides support men through their biological structure. These help to reduce testosterones effects and work with men's hormones. It also benefits by stoppingsigns of chronological aging and photo aging by wrinkle reduction. Silk is another key ingredient providing binding with protein fibres helping to keep water in the skin. Vitamins A, C, E and F all assist in wrinkle reduction. Plant Stem Cell technology providing powerful, scientific brilliance shows its protection against skin cell DNA, preventing UV damages and its support with anti-aging, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actives. It works with human skin cells by activating them and stimulating their own properties. Lastly 4VOO's Platinum Technology and Intelligent Targeting Devices which help to target specific areas on the under the skin. 4VOO's uses clever biotechnology to deliver this rich serum to where it needs it the most, working on top and inside the skin microscopically. Overall this powerful Night formula will give you improved skin hydration just after 30 minutes, skin elasticity, reduced wrinkles, increased collagen production, skin cell renewal, resistance to cell stress and protection for the structure of the skins cell DNA. This high-performance, luxurious solution is scientifically proven to give you real and realistic benefits to you and your skins health. For best results, night time application grants you extra benefits (this is due to you skin being able to restore its self better at night whilst you sleep). It really is what's all in the bottle. Once you see the results, you'll have the refreshed and more youthful skin that it promotes.

Uber Tech Instant Life Serum - 30ml

The smarter and non-invasive way to tighten your skin and give you an instant 'lift' to areas of your face. 4VOO's revolutionary formula leaves your skin taught and firmer with its mix of botanical agents and science. With just one use your skins appearance and texture is firmer, hydrated, clearer and more youthful. Combat the signs of aging with this brilliant lifting serum and forget having to make an appointment with a laser. Inside you'll find key ingredients to make this a reality. Plant Stem Cell technology allows us to use the power of nature to stimulate our own skin cells and help active them into working for us rather than against us. A powerful anti-aging ingredient with multiple benefits to bring our youth back into the picture. Polarized water - aids in more effect hydration to the skin cells under the eye area. It penetrates deeper into the layers to keep your skin bouncy. Vitamins A, C, E and F help to lock in moisture, have antioxidant behaviours and reduce wrinkles by 25%. Botox - similar to active peptides encourage collagen regeneration and help to prevent water loss. Wrinkles over time are visibly reduced by 38%. Platinum Technology & Intelligent Targeting Devices allow to specifically deliver the formula to the areas needed the most, on top and under the skin. Rapid response means as a whole, wrinkles small or deep, are all decreased significantly. Whilst water in the body is locked in tightly. You'll appear younger, firmer and have better and healthier skin quality over the course of treatment. Hybrridized Peptides work with men's hormones and reduce testosterones effects on the body. Silk is also infused in 4VOO's range, as it benefits greatly as a natural protein fibre to protect skin and keep it hydrated. Apart from all of the above, 17 other natural plant extracts make their home in this concentrated and nourishing elixir. All significantly aiding to your skins protection and health. The lifting serum will literally pull back the years and your face, for a more toned and maintained complexion. The fountain of youth in a little bottle, start saying farewell to those dark circles and sagging skin.

Ultra Intensive Age-Defying Complex - 50ml

Age lines, wrinkles and sagginess come with aging naturally. It is something we all at some stage have to endure. But we can help to maintain our skin to push back time and grant us some relief to the aging process. This complex designed exclusively for men, actually mimics the effects of Botox. (So no need to go under the needle!) Short and long-term can be achieved by using this complex. Signs of wrinkles and age line are visibly reduced to begin with temporarily, whilst over the course of a longer treatment, the effects branch out to an overall younger looking skin. Skin that is invigorated and renewed and it becomes restored and rejuvenated. The formula contains a handful of great agents to actively make this work instantaneously. Chamomile extract which is soothing and calming to the skin. Vitamin E protects against free radical damages. Aloe Vera extract is highly rich in vitamins, grants us rejuvenating and healing properties. Silk with natural fibres of protein, aiding us to breathe in our skin better and retain hydration levels appropriately. Alba Bark (Birch) extract is known for anti-inflammatory purposes to help our skin. Algae extract contains a long list of benefiting actives: iron, magnesium, sodium, calcium and more which are great for our skins health. And Multi-Peptides proven to show higher concentrations, help to improve the reduction of wrinkles overall. The complex battles signs of aging and regenerates for a younger and more even complexion. Age spots, dryness and age lines can be tackled with this gentle and luxurious formula. It is non-greasy and fast absorbing too and rich, to give you instant and beautiful results.