Due to the success and popularity of our first 4VOO men's skin care review on the blog a couple of weeks ago, we're back, to take you through another five products from this incredibly luxurious brand. In today's male skin blog, we'll be looking at 4VOO's Rejuvenating Eye Cream, Maximum Renewal Moisturiser and Energising Mask, as well as a couple of other stalwarts from their exciting range. In part 2 of our 4VOO review, we're going in to more detail than anybody thought possible.

4VOO Rejuvenating Under Eye Gel - 15ml

This small compact tube will grant you big and mighty results and rejuvenate the area under you eyes. Its highly selected ingredients give your skin the boost it needs to bounce back to something more youthful. This works well for the thinnest layers of the skin which can be found under your eyes. You'll be left with smoother and soften skin after application. This is great as the area of skin around your eyes show very dominantly the first signs of aging. You'll restore your youth and banish dark circles and prevent puffiness. Your skin will become more elastic and biologically more stimulated to reverse the aging effects naturally occurring. Inside you'll find Hyaluronic Acid, a water binding agent and component of skin tissue. Depeptide -2 & Tetrapeptide -7 which improve circulation and appearance of wrinkles. Hesperidin Methyl Chalcone has antioxidant properties to fight against free radical damaged cells and inflammation. Silk with water binding and breathing actives and chamomile for soothing. Its light and quick absorbing gel, proudly gets to work to ensure your skin and the unprotected area around your eyes, are shielded from potential and eminent aggressors.

4VOO Maximum Renewal Moisturiser - 50ml

By working to assist the natural renewal process of skin cells, this gentle and effective moisturiser will become your new favourite to keep your skin hydrated. This beautifully botanical cream is blended together with pure extracts, essential oils, nourishing vitamins and minerals. You'll find in its formula: Japanese Green Tea extract, powerfully rich in antioxidant and anti-carcinogenetic properties. Grape Seed extracts with their wound-healing benefits against sun damages. Algae extract with water binding agents, rich with minerals and vital vitamins to boost elasticity and your skins health. Silk fibres are natural proteins to strengthen skin and improve hydration levels. Hyaluronic Acid is a component of skin tissue and a brilliant water binding agent. you'll also find multi Peptides and Vitamins A, B3 and E which aid towards free radical damages, improving appearance of wrinkles and to have positive effects on cell production. Use this impressive formula every day as part of a renewal regime to get your skin back to the subtleness it once was. Reverse some signs of aging with this lightweight, luxurious and highly effective moisturiser.

4VOO Energising Mask - 50ml

25 botanical ingredients and extracts, essential oils, minerals and highly concentrated vitamins form this powerhouse mask. Energising your skin and sense and leaving you with moisturised, cleansed and toned skin. Feel the extracts as they actively work to gentle exfoliate your skin allowing new skin to easily form underneath. Your skin is left hydrated and smooth for a radiant complexion. It's formula is constructed with Silk primarily, like the whole brands iconic image. Protein fibres naturally work together with your skin to help your skin breathe and retain/release the water needed. Lemon and Orange extracts with rich and high concentrates of Vitamin C to purify, refresh and revitalise. Japanese Green Tea extract, Bilberry and Echinacea extracts are all powerful antioxidants and antibacterial start to form a defensive and nurturing barrier for the skin. Aloe Vera has healing properties and regenerates with its plant stem cell actives. This mask has a huge infusion of health boosting agents to help promote your skin. Works even better as a duo after 4VOO's Deep Exfoliating Scrub. This energising mask is gentle, yet effective and will give your face the boost it needs to look refreshed and ready to tackle the day ahead.

4VOO Deep Exfoliating Scrub - 50ml

Work as the counterpart to the Energising Mask by 4VOO. This deep tackling exfoliating scrub hold two sets of exfoliating crystals, one large and one smaller. Unlike cheaper branded scrubs, the two sets of crystals are just as effective to removing dead skin cells. But without the micro-abrasive damages large shards can often do to the face. The two sets of the crystals, small and large, are perfectly spherical and are selectively abrasive. Meaning unlike traditional scrubs, you will not aggravate or irritate the skin more than you need too. You'll receive maximum exfoliation, without unnecessary damage to the skins surface microscopically. The crystals are made up of Aluminium Oxide which is the same compound you'd find inside a dermatologists office. It allows for deeper exfoliating to remove dirt, dead skin cells, oils and impurities that make home in the crevices along the skins surface. Its formula is rich with Chamomile, Witch Hazel, Seaweed, Lemon, Cucumber, Aloe Vera and Japanese Green Tea extracts. These all provide aid with antibacterial, antioxidant, regenerative/healing, astringent and nourishing properties. The scrub contains a massive 21 botanical extracts, minerals and rich vitamins. It's a powerhouse and an investment. You'll get long-term benefits for your skin and health. Your skin will become more gentle, softer, have a radiance about it, firmer, more toned and retextured overall.

4VOO Balancing Skin Toner - 100ml

Alcohol free and created with natural extracts, this balancing toner with retexture your face anew. Energised and rejuvenated will be the feeling left after using multi-taking toner. Your skins natural pH will be rebalanced, better hydration for the skin and tighter pore. Pollutants & impurities are removed whilst it clarifies without drying to the skin. you will not be left with any irritation or dry patches that can be prominent with a lower branded toner (especially toners listing alcohol in their ingredients). The skin illuminating formula consists of: Silk fibres of natural proteins which hold and release water when necessary. Your skin will breathe and stay hydrated simultaneously, without any moisture loss. Indian Fig extract rich in natural Oligosacchandes to aid exfoliation, whilst promoting skin cell renewal. More youthful looking skin and smoothed out finer lines. Algae and Aloe Vera extracts for healing and rich infusions of vital vitamins and minerals for healthier skin. Lastly a smart Peptide called, Palmitoyl Hexapeptide -19. A mouthful but worth it as it produces results like Botox on the skin. Thankfully though, no dangerous toxins or invasive needles. Mimic Botox without the dangers of having it surgically inserted under your skin. A fantastic option, this toner allows you to shield your face, readying it for a moisturiser once set onto the skin.