In this week's male skin blog, we take you through our final instalment of this Summer's hugely popular 4VOO men's skin care review. Picking up and pulling the punches with the final five products in the series, we delve deep into what each offer the modern day man and how each can be utilised to improve your male grooming game. This last segment of our review also features their very sought after essentials kit and it's by far one of our most popular grooming gifts around Father's Day and Christmas.

Repairing After Shave Balm - 30ml

Instinct Magazines 'Grooming Award Winner' - already tells you, you need to be interested in this after shave balm. With its repairing actives for the skin and its abilities to reduce in-grown hairs and slow down their growth as well. Minimising the irritation razors can give the skin after shaving. It moisturisers and conditions the skin with its formula consisting of: Algae extracts, packed full of water-binding agents and have riches in powerful minerals and vitamins. Alba Bark (Birch) extract with their highly purified triterpenoids protect against UV induced sun damages. Vitamin E to protect against free radical damage and help with hydration. Aloe Vera extract is a powerful healing agent with the ability to stimulate our own skin cell renewal rate. Marigold extract holds antiviral and anti-genotoxic actives, brilliant for ance prone skin. Its able to control bleeding and tissue that is and could become irritated from shaving. Silk fibres allow breathable and hydrated skin. This repairing balm will aid you by controlling the fallout shaving can cause to the skin.

Ultimate Shaving Cream - 150ml

4VOO's rich lathering shaving cream allows you a closer shave than ever before. Saving you on the number of strokes needed for an impeccable shaving experience. Stubble is virtually invisible and protection is granted highly with the infusion of ingredients in this formula. Babussa Oil is the moisturising agent known for softening the skin without added to the natural oils from your face. Aloe Vera extract has natural healing abilities to help stimulate cell renewal in our own skin. Marigold with anti-genotoxic and anti-viral properties that help towards acne-prone problems and reducing any inflammation. Silks natural fibres high in protein allow skin to perform at its best with hydration and effortless circulation Alba Bark from Birch Trees, is high in anti-inflammatory actives to help support subtle skin. Algae, super rich in vitamins and natural minerals aids by providing anti-oxidant benefits to our skin. Water-binding agents give your skin better hydration. This formulas complexities allow it to give you a rich and close shave. Any after care is taken care of instantaneously, this being irritations or razor burns and your skin is left nourished, moisturised and hydrated.

Super Silky Body Wash - 250ml

A calming body wash rich in botanical agents and actives. Nourish your skin with an infusion of Silk and Peptides. Algae extract with its many beneficial actives (minerals and vitamins) enrich the skin whilst other botanical extracts from Lemongrass, Wild Cherry, Marigold, St. John's Wort, Matricaria, Chamomile and Clove send you sense into invigorating yet calmer water and provide the same for you skin. You'll feel the difference and the fresh and lightly scented aroma, will cling to your body. Nourish and condition your body and feel refreshed, smoother and cleansed minutes after application.

Travel Sized Skincare Set

The most luxurious skincare brand for men now has a travel size option, for taking your routine on the road and it all being available without taking up serious baggage space. The super potent and rich formula from each product are available to you to keep your skin healthy and protected. Inside you find options to select the:

Ultimate Shaving Cream - 30ml

Repairing After Shave Balm - 15ml

Facial Balancing Cleanser - 15ml

Maximum Renewal Moisturiser -15ml

Rejuvenating Under Eye Gel - 5ml

All sizes are safe for any carry-on bag if you are travelling through the air. Perfect options to continue your routine and not endure cheaper brands overseas to compensate for your normal and every day routine being unable to come with you. Thankfully you don't need to worry about that! So go and book yourself a holiday now maybe, we got you covered this end.

Uber Tech Intensive Multi-Peptide Copper Elixir

The Elixir of Life..? Well very close we think! A beautiful infusion of botanical extracts and engineered science to give you something truly great for you skin. Long Lasting and reversing effect are achieved with this elixir from constant use. Inside you'll find a huge host of agents, ingredients and compounds to give you this powerful and gentle skincare product. Plant Stem Cell technology increases skin protection and stimulation, cell vitality, boosts epidermal regeneration and aids skin to cope with climate changes. Multi-Peptides and Tripeptides all aiding with restoration, working with male hormones an testosterone, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles and increased collagen production. Target devices to deliver the formula microscopically to the core of the cells. Retexturing skin and reducing deeper wrinkles to promote smoother and more even skin. Polarized Water aids for better and deeper hydration support in the skin cells. 18 other plant extracts of natural origin give their benefits to your skins health through this solution. Lastly one to describe in more detail, is the Copper Tripeptide. (Which surgeons constructing plastic surgery use themselves.) This compound is bio-identical to the chemical structure of molecules which are in the human body naturally. So it is easily able to navigate (due to their micro size) within the skin. Skin repairing and regeneration are encourages from this. This Elixir has a transformative effect on the skin and it accelerates wound healing, reduces greatly wrinkle length, width and depth, it improves the function of the skin barrier and gives you an immediate soothing effect. Concentrated and powerful, this elixir begins to work instantaneously and the effects leave you with softer, more youthful and better stimulated regenerative skin. Like we said, 'The Elixir of Life’!