Billy Jealousy Gnarly Sheen Beard OilOver the years, Billy Jealousy have supplied us with many a quality skin care and male grooming product, with my personal favourite being their Assassin Moisturiser. In recent times, they have directed their attentions to enhancing men's beard care, with the hugely popular Beard Envy Kit being their blockbuster product. A week or so ago, we were asked to review Gnarly Sheen, a funky named Beard Oil, packing a more than considerable punch in the men's grooming department.


So, let's discuss what we discovered about this product and find out if, once again, Billy are up to their old tricks of delivering superb shaving performance to men all over Britain.


A leave in Refining Beard Oil, Billy Jealousy's 60ml formula claims to soften, sooth and condition unruly facial hair. Containing Sunflower, Sweet Almond and Avocado, this powerful complex is said to offer outstanding moisturisation to your beard and the skin beneath it, all day long. This nutrient-rich oil is also believed to remove itchiness and flakes, something a lot of gentlemen struggle with, if they wish to develop an almighty facial forest that is.


With a little said to go a long way, could this Aloe Vera and Jojoba Oil packed formula really live up to the hype? Customers interested in Billy Jealousy's Gnarly Sheen Refining Beard Oil can also benefit from skin healing properties, as well as PH balancing power present. With the before mentioned Jojoba Oil bulking up your skin's hydration and beard’s strength, on the face of it, it looks like a real winner! Throw in a dose of Sweet Almond Oil extract also and enjoy weightless conditioning and strengthening, sure to sky rocket your grooming standards


Let's see it really does do what it says on the box with the help of Mark, Rich and Paul, three of our clients picked at random who have recently reported to us beard care and grooming trouble:


Mark's Comments: 'I am a massive fan of this beard oil. I've never used Billy Jealousy before so was a little sceptical at first. The main improvement I noticed was with its softening ability. If I have a hectic day or two my beard tends to feel straw like, but a little application (just a few drops) and it is sorted out completely.'


Richard's Comments: 'I would definitely buy this product in future, once my tester runs out. My skin feels so much better and it doesn't itch at all. Better still, it looks healthier and I feel much more confident. A lot of guys come up to me and ask how I maintain such a massive beard and now I can point them in the direction of Gnarly Sheen...nice name too!'


Paul's Comments: 'One of the best beard oils I've ever used for sure. Really lightweight, comforting and quick to absorb. Take it easy on application, as you don't need too much. Great packaging too! Cheers Billy Jealousy!'