No one likes being ill. Nothing about the whole experience makes you feel and look great. We often don’t have the energy to keep up any daily regimes, in the hope to get further rest and feel better as quickly as possible. As your body becomes stripped from moisture (your skin can take a real beating with the virus inside you) it can make your appearance rather dull and lacklustre. More often than not, you are left dehydrated and if you are around air that is dry (central heating), this will further the effects for your barren, scaly and flaky looking skin. It is time to do something about it! When we are ill, our main priority isn’t our skin. But we should actively try to make sure we are still caring for it whilst we rest from that nasty virus. Even by deploying a simple regime to help lock in any moisture that is prone to escape from your skin, it will make the world of difference. Ensure that you are keeping your fluid levels up more as they deplete faster whilst you body is fighting off any foreign bodies.

Once your body has fought most of the virus off, you’ll begin to feel like yourself again and you’ll probably want to bring back some of that life into your face. This is especially true if you keep catching glimpses of your ghoul-like self in the mirror! To amplify your mood, complexion and recharge yourself, check out these bullet points below in this easy to follow, ‘Pick-Me-Up’ skincare regime, that will have you feeling and looking better in no time. We have also featured next to each bullet point this season’s bestselling products, which you can shop directly at


Using a gentle exfoliator, strip off any hard and flaky skin that may have built up on your skin’s surface. Sloughing away will encourage newer skin to form and develop underneath as oxygen can reach it. This will begin to brighten your skin, giving your complexion a healthier glow, as blood can reach the surface. We recommend ‘Anthony Logistics Facial Scrub for Men’ (£30.00). This exfoliator is a perfect choice to leave you with brighter and smoother skin. Enriched with powerful vitamin C extract to give you a radiant glow, whilst it gives you a softer touch to your skin.


Work the grime, residual bacteria, excess oils and dead skin cells from your face. To leave you feeling fresh, energised and with a clean foundation to work upon. ‘MYEGO Ten to Seven Face Wash’ (£17.00) is a brilliant botanical, luxury cleanser. Extracts of Green Tea, Amazonian White Clay and Grapefruit will uplift your mood and skin. Your complexion will feel fresher and invigorated, as the formula removes the unnecessary debris from your skin. We are enjoying this daily cleanser ourselves!


A vitamin rich toner will help provide you a good base layer, whilst infusing much needed nutrients and minerals into the skin. Toners are quite special because they help further the active ingredients from the next steps in your regime. They provide a better transport for formulas to reach deeper into the skin. The guys at Jack Black created the, ‘Jack Black Clean Boost Toner’ (£19.00) to give guys a soothing, antioxidant, blemish fighting blanket for the skin. With a vast range of potent nourishing and natural extracts, your skin will be left clear, fresh and brighter, whilst also protected from aggressors. Our recommended toner right now because we all need that extra vitamin boost, whilst the season is changing.


A few drops from a serum can provide extensive skin-boosting properties, be it by hydrating, or brightening the skin. A serum can deliver a potent elixir of goodness to help negate the effects of a lacklustre and fatigued complexion. Our favourite serum right now, is the ‘MMUK MAN Serum for Men’ (£30.00). It is a powerhouse of premium goodness that goes deeper into your skin. Specially engineered to tackle men’s skin, which is thicker. This serum travels further and longer to boost your skin, leaving it looking visibly younger and firmer. Significant improvements to your complexion and amplified radiance.


Always equip yourself with a moisturiser to lock in moisture on the skins surface. Not only that, but you also lock in the formulas you’ve just placed on the skin prior to this final step. You create a barrier between you and the outside world. This makes it harder for the negative effects of natural aggressors, pollutants, dirt and bacteria to infiltrate your skin. We recommend the ‘ZIRH Protect Environmental Defence Moisturiser’ (£30.00) to finish your regime off nicely. Perfect for all types of skin, you’ll leave yourself protected with defences against day-to-day aggressors. This formula tackles skin texturing with a potent replenishment of vitamins. Locking in moisture and leaving you plumper and hydrated for longer.

Even when you are feeling under the weather. Take back your skin to a place that is more you with this 5-step regime. Give yourself an even complexion with a burst of much needed vitamins which are delivered through the products listed in the points above.