Whilst we've had a great summer so far here in the UK, unfortunately, you can't bank on it lasting. This is the reasons why thousands of men have and will continue to use tanning beds throughout the summer months, to give their tan a little top up every now and then. If you're not blessed with all the free time in the world to spend down the beach or in your back garden, catching some rays and developing a healthy looking tan may just be a little out of your reach. In which case, you may opt to use a tanning bed.

In today's men's skin care blog, follow our essential guide to using tanning beds and appropriately caring for your body and skin whilst doing so. With our 6 simple steps, turn your tanning experience from zero to hero, as you bid to be the most buffed bronze sculpture when you eventually have time to show off down the beach.

Firstly, it's a good idea to exfoliate your face and body with an appropriate scrub or exfoliating body wash daily. This essentially strips your skin of dead cells and reveals new and fresh skin, which you inevitably want to end up tanning. Go gentle whilst exfoliating, as going too hard at it might damage your epidermis and cause more issues in the long run.

Next, a couple of things to remember: If you're new to sun beds, start off with a small time spent in them, no more than a few minutes. Also, be aware of when their bulbs have been changed and the strength of the machine you are using. The stronger and newer the bulbs, essentially the more powerful they are and you should reduce the time spent in there accordingly, especially to begin with. Build up to 9-12 minutes during each session over a number of weeks and also remember to leave it 3-4 days between each session. Overcooking it will simply cause harmful damage, damage that will become irreparable further down the line gentlemen.

Another tip is to bring a bottle of water with you each time you visit the tanning salon. It will keep you hydrated, as well as your skin during this intense time. Make sure you're well hydrated at all times, especially around the time of your session and steer clear of that post drowsy, dizzy and dehydrated feeling.

Another good tip for seasoned tanning pros is to use a slight tanning gel or mousse. By applying a little in the morning of your sun bed session, you'll not only appropriately moisturise your skin, but this will accelerate your skin's tan, perfect if you only have a few days to go before holiday and you don't want to end up looking like Pale Dale on day 1.

After your sun bed time, use a cooling after sun lotion, or men's body lotion. Particularly look out for one containing Aloe Vera, as this essential healing agent will work wonders in removing heat and irritation from your skin. They are also power packed with nutrients and moisturisers, which will help you maintain a longer lasting tan in the long term.

By following this simple men's sun bed tanning guide, you are really able to care for your skin in all the right ways. Follow these simple rules to up your grooming game today and finally say goodbye to pale skin.