St Tropez TanI've dabbled in a little men's cosmetics for a few years now, occasionally enhancing my face with a little foundation, tinted moisturiser or even concealer for men. However, I've always been a little sceptical about using fake tan for men. My, perhaps somewhat warped, view of a guy wearing fake tan is that of something that resembles looking like an extra out of TOWIE, or worse still and Umpa Lumpa, as appose to a bronzed god.


A few weeks ago however, I decided to bite the bullet. I had a big friends party to get ready for and in the few days leading up to it, felt rotten with just how my skin was looking. I'm pale at the best of times, but thought to myself 'now is the time to think outside the box'.


I'd done a little research on the best ways to apply fake tan as a guy, but a lot of them seemed to contradict each other. As with everything that I use, I figured, the only way I could really find out how to get my skin bronzed and perfect is with a good dose of the old trial and error.


In today's skin care blog, I'll be running through the basics, including the best tips to make a fake tan work best for you. I initially went for St Tropez's Mousse fake tan and here's how I found it.


After you've had a shower, I advise drying your entire body and letting it air dry as well for five to ten minutes. The first time I tried to put it on, it smeared really bad and didn't seem to take to my skin, later realising that my skin had to be bone dry in order to make it a success.


Get yourself a box of latex gloves and get ready for all over body enhancement in an instant. Simply press out one or two mounds of mousse onto one hand and start by fake tanning each arm. Remember to be quite quick, as it dries quite fast and don't forget the paler skin on the underneath of your arm when applying to this area.


Next, move onto your chest and lower torso, before finishing this part of the process on each leg. Ideally, you should be able to apply tan in a couple of minutes, but this will almost certainly take a few minutes longer in the early days. Next, move onto your face and apply a good amount to your glove, remembering to rub it suitably into your neck and the outer ear area. Play close attention to stubble too and essentially use a circular rubbing in motion until you can clearly feel and see the tan fully sunk in.


Here comes the tricky bit. For an even look, there's no two ways around it, you're going to ask someone to apply a little into your back. It's a little bit awkward the first time, but the guilt quickly goes after seeing your brand new and enhanced look. I wish I could do it myself but the other half definitely has her uses every once in a while it seems.


What I would say the biggest improvement I enjoyed overall definitely had to be a more toned and healthier looking complexion, as well as a more defined torso. You naturally look healthier and more physical in the summer and cheating the system a little in the winter, can't be all that bad. I'd also highly recommend starting off and pacing yourself when it comes to the amount of fake tan your are applying. The good news is with this mousse in particular is that it's gradual, meaning you build and build against it over a matter of days and weeks. If you've found yourself going a little over the top, stop application for a couple of days and bring back your naturally healthy and glowing look.


Despite being a little on the pricey side, it is essential that you spend a little bit more when choosing a men's fake tan. You certainly cannot risk cutting corners with this aspect of your skin care and cosmetics. One large size bottle has lasted me three weeks already and it hardly feels like anything has been removed from it....winner! The packaging itself is splendid and you can clearly feel the luxuriousness that this product has to offer.