Did you know that you don’t have to stick to one brand for a full face of makeup coverage? Mixing and matching our favourite brands is great and easy to do. It is brilliant to have a good range to give you versatility and the direct results that you are after. We’ve compiled a list of our top picks for a great step-by-step Makeup For Men routine that will have you looking covered, without risking your masculinity. Before we start, ensure you’ve completed a skincare routine and your skin is moisturised. We have 6-steps in this routine that are perfect for any man:


Starting us off is a foundation primer. Priming the face is the best way to ensure your makeup results are always flawless. By setting the face to ready itself for coverage, you can achieve results that are untraceable. Primers help to minimise pores, fine lines, wrinkles and can provide you a base to work upon, that is smooth and perfectly consistent. Primers are great at providing a hydrating barrier between the product and your skin. We highly recommend going in all strong with the MMUK MAN Foundation Primer (£28.00). Gliding effortlessly across the skin and creating a blank, transparent base to work upon. It works for all skin types and leaves the face feeling silky-smooth. Working day long for the ultimate base protection and unbreakable makeup coverage, this primer is a camera-ready front runner.


A foundation layer will give you pure looking skin. Providing a blanket of concealment that will actively give you a natural glow. We chose to feature Korres Male Foundation (£15). Which doesn’t just provide coverage but enriches your skin with a boost of goodness. The formula is liquid to provide ease as it melts across and into the skin. Providing also SPF15 protection against damaging UVA & UVB rays, this product will work to negate the effects from ultraviolet exposure. Korres have enriched this product with plant extracts, natural vitamins and ocean minerals to work towards your complexion. It delivers this effortlessly as the product is swept across the face and neckline. Day long coverage that doesn’t fault and shift, leaving you looking refreshed for longer. Build upon a primed face with this fantastic product.


We love Recipe For Men's Concealer! (£17) With its powerful, yet gentle formula. You can demolish any form of blemish with unproblematic ease. Providing you with natural coverage, imperfections will become a thing of the past. You can be happy knowing that you have total concealment with colour correcting, for a healthier complexion. You can knock out those dark circles, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, scarring, redness, pores and fine lines. You needn’t let your confidence be hindered with a swift application that covers and leaves an untraceable blanket. Concealers are great and leave your skin flawless and clearer. With a solid product like Recipe For Men’s Concealer, it would be stupid not to adore it. It is human to have flaws and imperfections, but we have the means to hide them temporarily with great products such as this.


Applying a bronzer essentially gives your newly concealed complexion a wholesome summery glow. Which means across the colder months, you can still achieve fantastic sun-kissed radiance. Our favourite bronzer currently is by Clinique. Their range for men has been created to give the modern-day man an edge with his appearance. The Clinique Bronzer (£22) is easy to apply with its streak-free formula. It blends superbly and glides across the area targeted perfectly. We go for the, ‘less is more’ approach as the product generously highlights the cheeks and contours of your face. The formula uses premium ingredients to provide a lightweight and versatile product. It isn’t heavy on the skin and leaves it with a natural and water-resistant glow. You shouldn’t feel the need hide yourself away if you’re fighting paler skin during those winter months. Just add a little Clinique to your regime and give your skin some much needed safer warmth (without the need to damage it for the same effects).


The eye area can often be a place on the face that men refuse to go near with cosmetics. We understand you still want to maintain that masculine presence with your look and for some it can be quiet unnerving to even consider using a product around their eyes. The team at MMUK MAN created a full line of cosmetics for the eye area, without damaging your manhood. Take our favourite, the MMUK MAN Lash Extending Primer (£15). It is both a primer and unpigmented. This allows you to still receive definition, without the heaviness and colour that a mascara would bring to the eyes. A few strokes from the root of the lash to the tip, encourages natural volume and elongation. The formula for this magic wand provides you with bolder and more intense eyes. It is packed full of goodness to nourish, condition and support healthier lash growth too. It will upgrade your look and leave everyone falling into your eyes the best way. The primer can also be used separately at night whilst you sleep to bolster and strengthen your lashes.

Setting Powder

Setting your makeup is essential to guarantee a finalised look. Providing you with a matte finish and taking away that shine. Setting powders are dusted across the face to ‘lock-in’ any cosmetics that have been layered onto the skin. It will blanket the face with a fortified barrier, which better holds together your makeup. We chose MYEGO's Anti-Shine Powder (£21), for its excellence in these final steps for this makeup for men routine. With a small tint, it can bring a little warmth to the skin whilst negating the effects oils can bring from clogged and shiny areas. Your complexion will look camera ready as the powder blots away any oils with ease and leaves you looking fresh and undetectable. A brilliant option for those who suffer around the T-zone on the face. Set yourself up for the day correctly with this finalising step.