With the news that men’s makeup outfit MMUK MAN have now launched at ASOS, we caught up with co-founder Alex Dalley, to ask him about the deal, the rise of male makeup and most importantly, the future of the men’s grooming industry.

First of all, I would like to know where did you get the MMUK MAN idea from?

As a teenager, I suffered with really bad acne, to the point where I wouldn’t leave the house. One evening before my school prom, my mum put foundation and concealer on me and my skin looked clear and blemish-free. From there, I started dabbling in women’s makeup product, as there was no branded makeup for men at that time (2005). After going through university regularly wearing makeup and seeing a lot of my friends take an interest in these kind of products, I decided that when i left, I would create a makeup brand specifically for men, which is where MMUK MAN was born.

Do you feel as a visionary of men’s grooming?

I do to some extent feel like one of the founding father’s of men’s grooming yes. I feel that there are also some other fantastic brands out there doing some amazing work in this market, as well as some really great men’s makeup Vloggers like Jake-Jamie Ward and Mat Parr, helping to make male cosmetics more mainstream. I think I’m in a pool with some other really passionate people, helping gentlemen put their best face forward every day and feeling more confident. I like where men’s grooming is heading and if I can be a visionary towards that then that’s fantastic!

Why the rise in makeup for men use? Is it a generational change? are taboos out of fashion?

I think the rise of makeup for men has been driven by the selfie culture within society and the increased pressure on guys to look their very best. I’m not completely happy with that as we’re all individuals and are perfect in our own right - but the modern day social media culture we live in is definitely having its say. On a a more natural note, social barriers towards men taking care of themselves are definitely breaking down, which is fantastic news for all of us. There’s no longer a taboo for men to invest in eye cream, concealer and even bronzer and more men are quickly realising the benefits that these products have to offer. Finally, women are also helping to promote men’s makeup. They want their men to look great on their arms and we’ve almost become fashion accessory to them, which I’m completely down with if it means more men feel comfortable to apply a little ‘man-slap.’

What kind of products can we find at MMUK make-up? What is the bestseller?

MMUK MAN sells everything from foundation, concealer and bronzer, right through to the likes of mascara, eyeliner and brow gel. Our range also features beard products, including a beard pomade and a beard filler and we’ve just launched a BB Cream, Tinted Moisturiser and range of face powders and contour kits. Men are fine tuning their grooming standards, which is why we’ve had to develop such a variety of products in our range. Our five bestsellers are our concealer stick, beard filler, liquid foundation, anti shine powder and bronzing powder.

Could you give me some advice for my first time with make-up?

I’d start off by saying that less is definitely more when it comes to getting into makeup for the first time, as a little goes along way. Start off by applying a little foundation with a damp sponge over your face, concentrating on areas that might have rough or damaged skin, sun spots, spots or blemishes. Apply a little more foundation over these areas to get some great coverage. Next, pop on a little under eye concealer to brighten your eye contours and hide the signs of those late nights in the office or out partying. You can then finish by blending in a little concealer to any remaining imperfections that are visible and dusting a little anti-shine powder across your t-zone, for all day long natural coverage. If you’re new to men’s makeup, you don’t want to slap on eight or nine different products straight away - it’s an education that’s great fun learning!

How did you feel when you found out that your brand would be available on Asos.com?

It was an incredible announcement - I nearly fell off my chair! Not only was it great for MMUK, but for the whole men’s makeup market, as ASOS’s decision to stock it means that we’re all another huge step closer towards makeup being a standard part of male grooming. The launch and greater exposure of our brand at ASOS means we can invest more time and money into making sure that makeup moves into the men’s aisle much quicker!

Where would you like to take your brand in the future?

We have plans to launch the brand in mainland Europe at exclusive outlets, as well as in Dubai, Singapore and Australia. We’re also in discussions with large U.S beauty retailers to stock MMUK, which will be fantastic for turning the brand into a globally recognised power house. Flagship stores are also in the pipeline for London, Paris, Madrid and Milan, which we hope will create a centre of grooming excellence for modern day men to come in, learn about our products and leave more confident in their appearance and truly enriched. We don’t have too many plans beyond that, as we’re going to be busy as we head into 2018, but the future is looking fantastic.