This week, we took some time to interview John Wharff, editor-in-chief of the hugely popular Mr-Wharff men’s skin care blog. In a crowded west London cafe we caught up with the man himself to discuss how the blog is going and more importantly, what does the future have in store. Mr-Wharff has established itself as one of the most popular male grooming blogs here in the UK.

What are your top three men's grooming and skin care products that you can't do without?

My first one has to be pure Tea Tree oil. Great for spots and blemishes. If your skin easily becomes congested like mine, buy a bottle of Tea Tree oil, mix 1-2 drops into clean fresh water and apply carefully onto the affected area.

I'm a big believer that proper cleansing is the key to perfect skin.

Invest in a cleanser that contains exfoliating acids like glycolic and lactic, both are great at eating away dead skin cells. The Goldfaden MD Detox Clarifying Face Wash is my go-to when my skin is shouting for a deep through cleanse.

Treat your skin to weekly, purifying facial masque. No matter where you live, city or country life, your skin can collect outside pollutants that causes us to age. Sometimes our skin needs more then just a double cleanse, Anthony Skincare created the Deep Pore Cleansing Mask that works a treat on congested skin.

What brands are you most excited about currently on the men's beauty market?

I'm a sucker for luxury skincare, who isn't. Rodial have never failed to impress me with their line of high-performance skincare. They haven't created a men's range yet.

I have mentioned it so time will only tell.

From the products you've used, what have been the best to tackle dark circles and eye bags?

The Rodial Bee Venom Eye Cream works wonderfully at brightening and firming the eye area. A little goes a long way thanks to its rich, creamy consistency.

Where do you think the men's grooming market is heading, in terms of what are your readers demanding more support with?

Self confidence plays a big role in todays society of male grooming. Men like to look for inspiration, tips and ideas on how to look and feel their best.

What does your personal grooming routine consist of?

I like to start my simple routine by thoroughly cleansing my face in the shower with an exfoliating face wash that I can trust, such as Goldfaden's Detox Clarifying Facial Wash. After showering, I like to wear a rich moisturiser with sun protection like the Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF30.

If I'm looking a little worse for wear that day, I will apply a little concealer on those troublesome areas. My go-to concealer at the minute is MMUK Mens Concealer.

What can potential readers expect when visiting your blog?

You lucky bunch will get to read every product review in great detail, I don't like short cutting product reviews, nor do I like to read simple 'plain Jane' reviews. Readers will soon learn that I'm a big fan of capturing photos in nature, at its best.

Are there any products that are predominantly for women that you can envisage entering the male market soon?

The majority of woman's products are widely used by men already. From brow liner pens to foundations, men are more incline to experiment with different products.

What/Who inspired you to start Mr-Wharff? Are there any other men's blogs that you love reading?

A well established grooming blogger inspired me to start my very own blog, I found his blog on Google after searching for a specific product review (which I think was by Clinique).