What first made you interested in men's grooming and looking after your skin?

Difficult question but I think probably the fact that here in the UK it is more common, I mean guys take more care of them self and the products are within reach, but the weather was another factor, I remember my first winter here and my skin quite irritated.

What does your daily face and body routine consist of?

Face wash or cleanser, scrub, moisturizer and eye roll on, these are my main products. For the body, I have to start to take more care, normally use body conditioner from lush in the shower and sometimes when I find my skin dry moisturizer.

What are your go to products in the bathroom and have any of them been with you since the beginning?

I would pick a lot of products, but just my three essentials, Neville Rescue Scrub, LAB Series - Pro LS All-In-One Face Treatment and the L'Oréal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Cooling Eye Roll-On. But it depends on the day, how I see my skin and how I feel. But yes, some of these products have been with me since the beginning, the L'Oreal Men Expert Pure Power Charcoal Face Wash and the L'Oréal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Cooling Eye Roll-On. L’oreal was the first brand that I used, probably because the reputation or the name of it, and I still love their products.

Do you think it's becoming more acceptable for men to wear makeup and what do you think the reasons are behind it?

Yes, it is becoming more acceptable, there is less of a taboo about men makeup and the main reason I think is the society, we are progressing, and more things are becoming genderless. I think if we feel good and confident why this shouldn’t be acceptable.

What were your main goals when setting up The Life of Pablo and are you on the way to achieving them?

Enjoy, this is my main goal since I started The Life of Pablo, and for the moment I am achieving it, enjoy sitting on the sofa, have a coffee, write, investigate and read. Another goal that wasn’t on my initial plan was made friends and meet new people since I started one year ago I have met fantastic people and this is something that no one can buy and I love it.

What main topics do your men's blog cover and do you have plans to expand it into other areas coverage?

The main topic was/is trainers, this one was the first idea, but it wasn’t enough. I like to write about different things, about what I do, what I use and here is where grooming took a big step, I could say that grooming has become my main topic in conjunction with the trainers. Regarding other areas, yes I am already writing a bit about food, I’m a massive foodie, I love eating out, trying new places and it is something that I am working on include in The Life of Pablo.

If you were recommending a men's grooming routine to someone who's never looked after their skin, what would you suggest to them?

Start slow, read and visit a store where a specialist can advise you on the type of skin you have and recommend products to match your skin. There are so many products on the market and not everything works for everyone, the skin is sensitive and the products that you use are important. I would start with a face wash, scrub and moisturizer, and slowly introduce products that you feel that work for your skin as a Glycolic Cleanser, and definitely change the cheap aftershave, your skin will appreciate it.

What would be your number one men's skincare tip?

Be consistent, use your products methodically and you will see the results. *Are there any brands out there that you've come across that are stepping outside of the box when it comes to their cosmetic offering.

Yes, some of them have surprised me, and the best example was Fit skincare their product can cause scepticism but until you try them you can see the results on your skin. MMUK, as it is the first men makeup brand that I know that offers a wide selection and it is only focused on male makeup. And finally, Kiehl’s I think is another of the brands that are different, all their formulas look so natural, fruity and colourful which makes me think that it is less chemical and better for the skin.

What does the future hold for Pablo and the Life of Pablo?

Well, hopefully, the future holds a full year of new tips, products and practical suggestions from The Life of Pablo. For Pablo, I expect more learning, keep discovering himself and run the blog in the way that it does not become an obligation.