Nobody wants a pimple ridden boat race and if people are telling you it looks okay, they’re just saying that to make you feel better. If you’re pizza face is effecting how many swipe’s right you’re getting, it’s time to take fast and effective action with Anthony Logistics Facial Scrub.

A few weeks ago my face was in a real mess, spots everywhere, black heads and even a really oily surface that didn’t sit pretty. I decided it was time to completely change up my routine and to help me do that was this little vibrant masterpiece.

This gentle yet deeply cleansing men’s face scrub exfoliates the skin and promises to get rid of grime, shine and all those nasties that accelerate the harshness of acne and spots. You get a fair sized amount of product too, weighing in at 237ml. Some of the ingredients that stood out for me and ultimately made me decide to give it a go was its content of Bora Bora White Sand, which is well-known to have a great ability to remove dead skin cells and unblock pores. Seeing as the root of most spotty problems originate from clogged pores, it was really a no brainer to slip this into my male skin care routine.

Featuring Aloe Vega, Algae and Chamomile also, Anthony’s Facial Scrub certainly delivers a fresh and invigorating feel both during cleansing and after it’s been rinsed off. As a guy quickly approaching thirty, I was intrigued at this scrub’s Vitamin C content, as this is a key ingredient to protect and nourish ageing skin with its antioxidant properties.

The feeling that this face scrub gives upon application is nothing short of magical, with it instantly refreshing my entire face in one energizing blast. Another thing that you guys will love is that it is perfect for all skin types too, meaning every guy out there can fully take advantage of it.

For best results, I usually cleanse my face beforehand, which takes the top layer of dirt and grime off my face before I dispense about a pound coin size amount onto my hands and gently massage into my face in a circular motion. I instantly feel the vibrancy and citrusy fresh feeling of this face scrub and after a minute or so of exfoliating, I rinsed it off, leaving nothing but fresh, clear and toned skin behind.

I’ve used Anthony’s Facial Scrub for about three weeks now and have loved every single application. My skin is soft, clear and transformed and it’s all down to this. I give this a very rare 9 out of 10, but believe it’s quality and value deserve nothing less.