Anthony Logistics Product CollectionTo celebrate MaleSkin's imminent mobile friendly site re-launch, we're delighted to announce the arrival of Anthony Logistics skin care for men to our brand collection. Powered with incredibly high performance ingredients and an exciting array of products, to leave you fully cut and looking razor sharp in the bathroom, add a little Anthony Logistics into your grooming routine gentlemen and forever reap the dividends.


Anthony himself, clearly takes substantial pride in the work him and his team set out to do, well over a decade ago. With producing targeted skin care and grooming products specifically for the varying compositions of men's skin being absolutely paramount, the Anthony collection of products today consists of upwards of 50 products.


With some stand out performers mentioned below, discover how you can tackle a wide range of common men's skin complaints quickly and effectively. Boasting products to suit every man's skin type of any age, Anthony really do grasp the concept of modern day grooming and with their highly charged formulas doing everything right for you skin, have created a kid in a candy store effect for modern men shopping for their favourite personal products.


Specialising in bath, body care and skincare, the Anthony brand prides itself on straight to the point products and specific ingredients that you can quickly get a grasp of. For head to toe perfection, invest in their expertise and utilise the power of ingredients such as, Apricot Kernel Oil, Aqua Cacteen, Green Tea and Lavender to get your confidence and appearance back on track.


Anthony Logistics are also heavily involved with the ever growing force field of cancer research. With one in six men expected to be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, a proportion of all proceeds from the Shaveworks brand will be donated to this cause, in a bid to give something back to the thousands of gentlemen who have helped make the brand what it is today.

Anthony Logistics Set Of Products

So, what are the stand out performers from the range?


Anthony Logistics Deep Pore Cleansing Clay - £23.00

A hugely effective degreasing facial mask that works its magic in just ten minutes. Enriched with vitamins A, C and E, purify, clean and clear all of your pores from the most criminal of environmental toxins, to reveal a fully fresh glow that will leave you looking as though you've been cut from red carpet royalty. Remove oil build up from even the most shiny and oil prone skin for up to three days, with the face masque for men applauded by some of the biggest male skin care bloggers in the business.

Anthony Logistics Facial Scrub - £32.00

For guys who want and deserve the best, Anthony Logistics wonderfully oblige with their luxury Facial Scrub. Cleanse, exfoliate and clear your skin on a daily basis without aggressively stripping your skin of its own essential nutrients. Leave your face supple and soft with this timely health kick in the bathroom. Used as a perfect pre shave weapon too, for the closest shave, go pro with this hero in the face scrub category.


Anthony Logistics SPF Facial Moisturiser - £33.00

Sun protection, moisture and comfort - all bases are well and truly covered with this nourishing daily moisturiser, perfect for all skin types. This non greasy SPF15 formula also supports the recharging and anti-ageing catalysts within your skin, causing them to ignite, drastically minimising the appearance of stress lines, wrinkles and fatigue.


Anthony Logistics High Performance Eye Cream - £36.00

Dark circles, bags, fine lines and general eye fatigue can now be a thing of your past with this highly potent eye cream. Busy nights in the office, a lack of sleep, or even ill-health can all cause the breakdown of this very delicate tissue around your eyes. Take fast restorative action with yet another stalwart from the Anthony range and the formula that never fails to deliver. Predominantly powered by Jojoba Oil and Shea Butter, this eye cream takes it to a new level in your daily grooming battle.


Anthony Logistics After Shave Balm - £22.00

Amongst the elite in its category, Anthony's After Shave Balm reduces redness, irritation and pain assonated with shaving and goes a hell of a long way to restore and revive the skin after the stresses of regular shaving. For supple, conditioned and cool post shave skin, apply a little bit of this magic cream to your skin after pat drying your skin, to reinforce its natural barriers and calm its condition.


Anthony Logistics Shave Cream - £16.00

Transform your shave with this enriching and dense shave cream that is your first line of defence against a painful and irritable shave. Soften your bristles, protect your skin and allow for the smoothest and closest shave known to man with this freshly scented and long lasting formula. No re-applying, no razor cuts, just a simple, quick and effective shave time and time again with the wonder product specifically designed to not over dry any skin type.


Anthony Logistics officially goes on sale at MaleSkin in July 2015 and as a special thank you to our readers, get 15% off with code Anthony15, giving your wash bag a more than timely boost ahead of the summer season.