What is my true king of hair pomades? That’s the question I’ve been asking myself for a number of years, whilst bouncing between quite a few different types during that time. All in all, I’ve tried around two dozen pomade’s in my life, from a variety of different brands at various price points. From the seriously underwhelming to the surprisingly great and everything in between, it’s safe to say, when it comes to this male beauty category, I’ve well and truly done the rounds.

Until a few weeks ago, one hair pomade that I hadn’t tried was Baxter Of California’s Clay Pomade. Coming in a 60ml tub and costing around the £20 mark, it’s a little bit on the pricey side compared to many others in the category, but after seeing its performance before my very eyes over the past fortnight or two, I am beginning to see why!

Let’s talk about the aesthetics of the product itself and if you’re anyone who’s anyone within the male grooming world, you’ll clearly see how beautiful and classy it looks. It’s stylish, compact and masculine, which is everything a modern man demands in the appearance of his bathroom wing men.

So, what does the brand have to say about their product? Baxter of California claim that their best-selling pomade blends natural clay and Beeswax, for unique hold and texture and I’d have to agree. The hold of this pomade is nothing less than phenomenal and I can’t think of a single day where my hairstyle has began to falter and lose shape.

It’s lightly scented with Sage and Citrus, which I love, simply because it smells so fresh and invigorating. If you’re anything like me, you’ll look forward to having a good smell of this pomade in the morning, before applying it to your hair. That doesn’t make me sound weird in the slightest right? I’ve enjoyed terrific volume whilst using this pomade, as my hair is a little longer than normal at the moment and what has certainly stuck in my mind, is how even if my hair is having an unruly day, this clay manages to tame it effortlessly.

Whether my hair is bone dry or slightly damp, this clay always manages to make it appear matte and feel non-sticky. As far as it’s overall performance goes, I’d have to put it up there with the best I’ve ever tried. It’s undoubtedly on a par with Jack Black’s Clay Pomade and Vitaman’s Pomade, both of which I believe are world-class. There’s no surprise to me that Baxter of California’s Clay Pomade is so world-renowned and it’s been an absolute delight forming a product review on it for our men’s skin care blog. It’s a true bathroom great that’s easy to wash out too, leaving no unwanted sticky residue. My hair looks healthy and a huge amen to that!