I’ve been searching high and low for a good quality men’s face wash that won’t leave me grappling with my masculinity and eager to keep it tucked away in my bathroom shelf. I’ve had my eye on quite a few recently, including Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Energising Wash and Clinique For Men’s Face Wash, as both of these look beautiful, but after laying sight on Baxter Of California’s Daily Face Wash, I knew that this was going to be my facial wash for the sensational summer of 2018.

Gareth Southgate’s boys may not have been able to bring football home, but I found myself my own bathroom lion, after bringing home Baxter’s Face Wash a couple of months back and I’ve been addicted to it since! It’s safe to say that this wash has cleared, cleaned and boosted my complexion, almost to champion status over the past ten weeks or so and the confidence boost I’ve experienced because of it has been staggering.

You don’t have to be a male grooming connoisseur to appreciate a good looking product when you see one and what struck me most about this face wash is that its bottle is completely masculine, traditional and oozing in style! It didn’t look out of place on my bathroom shelf and something tells me that this great looking bottle would sit comfortable in even the most stylish man’s bathroom setting.

Price wise, you’re going to be paying around £19 for this face wash for a 240ml tube, which has lasted me ten weeks with twice daily use. If you’re going to use this once a day, you’re going to get about five months of use out of this product, which is a nice return on your skin care investment.

There were a couple of ingredients that really stood out for me - ones that I’d had experience with in other products, prior to using this face wash. Aloe Vera and Allantoin in particular, which I know are extremely good at alleviating redness and leaving the skin thoroughly hydrated. We all know the positive effects of caffeine in skin care and how it can energise the complexion and this product has it in an absolute abundance. As for coconut, I know this to be a powerful cleansing agent and skin soother, so it’s safe to say that all the signs pointing towards this product were pretty damn good!

So, after a few weeks of use and getting to know this face wash properly, the thing that struck a chord with me most, is how my skin never dried out after using it. Even in the heat of August, my skin felt refreshed and ready for action all day long. My skin type is combination, but I’ve read that it works nicely on all skin types, including sensitive skin, so if you’re worried about it working for you - have no fear.

Not only did this face wash brighten and cleanse my face, it also thoroughly cleansed my facial hair and left my beard soothed and comfortable - with not a shred of itching or discomfort. My skin felt completely revitalised after every application and its pure comfort is down, I believe, to it being fragrance and paraben-free.

I’ve had my moments over the past ten weeks where I’ve been seriously hungover and like everyone, my skin is often one of the first things to struggle after a heavy night on the booze. I’ve deployed this face wash every morning and when my skin has been hungover, it’s always managed to brighten it, unify its tone and infuse it with energy. I’ve been combining it with my ultimate favourite MMUK MAN Anti-Ageing Moisturiser and my skin has certainly looked the best it has in years - all thanks to Baxter of California.

A true male grooming hit in my book and I’d recommend it to everyone battling breakouts and generally looking for a confidence boosting appearance! This face wash will undoubtedly make your face care routine more rewarding.