Over the next fortnight, men's grooming brand Baxter of California will be taking over the MaleSkin blog, as we celebrate their launch online. First off, we'll be looking at their extensive selection of grooming kits and travel sets and breaking them down into three bite size men's skin care blogs. We start off by examining their LA Traveler Kit, Skin Starter Bundle and Shoe(Red) Kit. Sit back and grab yourself a beer as you delve into the beautiful and rugged world of Baxter of California.

LA Traveller

LA inspired essentials for someone who is on-the-go all the time. If you’re someone who must travel a lot due to a job or lifestyle, this is the perfect option for you. It is convenient and travel-friendly and will provide you with continued excellence in grooming day-to-day. Every item comes along with this free Canvas Dopp Bag, and inside you’ll find these amazing products:

Aluminium Free Deodorant: 1.2 oz

Award-winning, alcohol and aluminium-free, great for sensitive skin types and all-day coverage. The formula will not discolour or stain clothing and comes in a solid gel format.

Exfoliating Body Bar: 1 oz

Lift and slough dead skin cells, whilst promoting softer and healthier skin. Suitable for daily use.

Hydro Salve Lip Balm: 3 oz

Hydro (meaning water) to lock in moisture and condition your lips. Essential and natural oils infused to provide complete nourishment. Helps soothe cracked and dry lips.

Daily Fortifying Shampoo: 2 oz

Cleanse and breakdown dirt and oil from hair. Nutrient-enriched actives, vitamin E and wheat protein, promote hair growth and strength.

Daily Fortifying Conditioner: 2 oz

Lock in moisture to hair and nourish the scalp too. Essential ingredients to detangle hair and keep it soft. Vitamin E and wheat proteins strengthen the hair.

Skin Starter Bundle SPF

This pack contains Baxter of California’s premium products to cleanse, prep and then protect with SPF. This three-part set will ensure you protection against both UVA & UVB rays. These sun damaging rays will penetrate the skin and are the leading cause to premature aging, numerous types of skin cancer, the drying and permanent damage to skin and blindness in some cases too. To ensure you are safe it is advised to wear protective SPF moisturisers to negate damages to the skin on the face. (Make sure suitable eyewear is worn to protect against blindness too.) Inside you’ll find a 3-step regime to cleanse the face, tone the skin and ready it for protection. This bundle is great for every day use and works for all skin types due to their gentle formulas. The pack contains below:

Daily Face Wash: 8 oz

Firstly, cleanse the face from impurities and lift any oils from your skin to provide you with a clean canvas. The solution contains gentle cleansing extracts derived naturally.

Herbal Mint Toner: 8 oz

Secondly, the toner provides additional cleansing and rids any impurities still on the face. It hydrates the skin and preps the area next. The formula is packed full of essential natural extracts to punch the skin (gently) with nutrition and provide a safeguard that locks in moisture.

SPF 15 Oil Free Moisturiser: 4 oz

Thirdly, UVA and UVB protection against harmful rays. It hydrates, refreshes the skin and leaves you feeling healthy. Oil free to ensure no extra oil surfaces from your pores. This lightweight cream will leave a matte feeling with no residue.

Showe(red) Kit

Baxter of California’s premium kit to provide charitable support towards (RED)’s fight against AIDS. This amazing pack not only has a premium selection of top grooming essentials, but you are helping a cause whilst you keep yourself looking your best. It’s a win-win. Baxter of California donates 20% of the retail price of each kit. The kit contains products you’ll find yourself using daily and they are listed here below:

Aluminium-Free Deodorant: 2.65 oz

One of Baxter of California’s award-winning formulas and perfect for men with sensitive skin. Alcohol free and provides day long coverage and protection and neutralises odours. Its solid and clear gel formula will not stain or discolour clothing.

Sulphate-Free Daily Face Wash: 8 oz

This cleansing face wash works to remove impurities without stripping your face of all its natural oils. It uses naturally derived extracts to provide gentle cleaning, whilst keeping your skin looking and feeling fresh.

Daily Fortifying Shampoo: 8 oz

Fortify your hair and scalp with this powerful and gentle cleanser. Removes and break downs dirt and oil from your head. Its actives inside the formula help to promote healthier hair growth and durability. Vitamin E and wheat proteins support stronger hair.

Invigorating Body Wash (Citrus & Herbal Musk): 8 oz

Entice and cleanse your body with this uplifting body gel that leaves you scented lightly in their customer favourite scent. It leaves your skin hydrated and conditioned.