Myego Tinted MoisturiserAs the cold weather begins its stranglehold gents, this week, we’ve decided to focus a little on tinted moisturiser for men and discover just how it could help navigate you through this tricky time of year for your skin. Men’s tinted moisturizers have somewhat exploded onto the male skincare scene over recent years and with a whole bunch of key benefits to boot, there is little surprise that more and more men are upping their grooming game and getting on board with one.


Available from the likes of MYEGO, Recipe For Men and MMUK MAN, tinted moisturiser is no longer the new kid on the grooming block. However, there are still a large proportion of men out there who aren’t quite sure of how it can benefit them. So, without further ado, it’s time to get down to business.


The first thing to say about tinted moisturizers is that they do exactly what they say on the box. Their inbuilt tint of colour, when applied, immediately tones and bronzes your complexion, perfect at battling off those mid-winter pale blues. Their hint of colours are often universal and match men of any skin tone, making them nice and easy to master. Fend off pale skin all winter round with MYEGO’s Fonteint Hydrating Enhancer, one of the best products around in this category.


Next, it’s time to let those common skin imperfections, which inevitably show their ugly side during winter, to run for the hills. The before mentioned tint of colour offers a natural blanket of coverage to your complexion upon application. Think of tinted moisturizers as a real life air brush that blurs away the likes of spots, marks and damaged skin with just a simple swipe. Remember gents, you may want to combine one with a concealer for men if you have more defined imperfections, but, you’re certainly on the right track.


The second component guarantees to quench your skin’s moisture thirst. In winter, your skin needs more moisturisation…fact! The harsher and changing weather conditions break down your skin’s natural barriers and defenses, resulting in it often looking more fatigued, tired and dehydrated. A tinted moisturiser does a stellar job at reversing the impact of environmental changes all day long and reinforce your skin’s natural barriers and oil levels. The result? Enjoy healthier, smoother and more complete skin when others begin to fall.


Aside from being easy to apply, moisturizers with tan are also very natural, after all, they have to be! No man wants to show the clear signs of wearing cosmetics and with this range, your anonymity can be well and truly maintained.