Over the years, I’ve tried my fair share of Billy Jealousy products - with most of them doing a great job at beefing up my grooming routine. Just last week, a new product of their’s landed on my desk, in the form of the Assassin Deep Exfoliating Face Scrub and I’m delighted to share my full review of it in today’s blog.

Let’s begin by having a quick look at what the product has to offer, in order to see if it really matches expectations when I share my own opinions on it a little later.

First things first, this scrub promises a polishing and toning effect on the skin, by ploughing away dead skin cells and other impurities from very deep within the skin.

Next, it guarantees to deeply exfoliate the complexion with a micro-dermabrasion and hydrating formula that battles skin irritations - that’s an absolute game changer for men who suffer with sensitive skin, yet still want to feel the squeaky clean finish of a face scrub.

Finally, to make this even more of a stand alone male grooming hit, Billy Jealousy say that the Assassin face scrub will in fact reduce acne marks, blemishes and dark spots, which we all know are crucial if you want to achieve a clear, flawless and confidence boosting complexion.

So gentlemen, ‘on paper’ this Deep Exfoliator definitely fits the bill! Unfortunately, I come across far too many products that promise the world and inevitably end up coming way short of expectations, once they’re put into practice. However, I’m proud to say that with this latest little wonder tub from the Billy Jealousy production line, this is not one of them.

The results it’s given my face over the past week or so have been nothing short of magnificent. Not one day has passed where my face hasn’t felt smooth and looked clear and it’s a massive thanks to this scrub’s obvious oil-controlling power for that. Not only does my skin feel more toned but there’s been absolutely zilch new spots or blemishes pop up on my boat race!

It claims to be deep exfoliating and it does exactly that with an obvious high concentration of scrubbing microspheres. All too often I use scrubs that aren’t dense enough with scrubbing beads and end up being more like mild cleansing gel’s and thankfully Billy Jealousy have avoided that like the plague. The density of such beads make this product easy to work around your face - almost like a mask ‘ giving you plenty of time to concentrate on all your face’s nooks and crannies, where blackheads often crop up.

The formula itself has a whipped texture to it which makes it feel even more luxurious and hydrating. The scent of this scrub is quite strong too, which I love, as it combines peppermint with a deeply relaxing masculine scent, that’s truly memorable.

The only thing I would say on a final note is make sure you shake the pot before each use as the liquid can sometimes separate from the beads if you don’t and you may lose that whipped texture I mentioned above. You don’t need to use too much either, as a little goes a long way. The pot is quite small for that reason and at around £28, Billy Jealousy’s Assassin scrub is far more than just a worthwhile bathroom investment - it’s an absolute heavyweight.