The only Assassin that you can hire without landing yourself in hot water gentlemen comes from Billy Jealousy, in the form of their Intensive Face Moisturiser. An original face care product from the Billy Jealousy men’s grooming line and very popular here in the UK, I thought it was a great opportunity to review it this November, especially with winter right around the corner.

From an appearance point of view, the pot it comes in looks very masculine and yeah, I could easily see it sitting proudly on my bathroom shelf. You don’t get as much actual product as I was expecting for the £25/30 price tag, which might put some of you guys off, however as it’s so intensive and repairing, you do not need to slather it on your face like your average face moisturiser on the market.

So, what does Billy Jealousy Assassin Intensive Face Moisturiser promise? Calling upon the power of the latest in bio-technologies, this intense products is power packed with vitamins, proteins and antioxidants, which are three of the core components to any high grade men’s skin care product. The assassin also promises to kill off the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as fight redness.

It all sounds pretty standard to me, as to what you should expect from a top priced moisturiser, however, this is where things get interesting. Billy Jealousy say that advanced extracts built within this formula, improve cohesion between the dermis and epidermis, which results in superior hydration of the skin and a captivating supple finish. Now, most of my clients are well into their 30’s and continually suffer with underperforming layers of the skin, which often results in their complexions looking dry and fatigued. If this moisturiser could do what it promises, then it could well be a true game changer.

As I’d expect, the formula itself is also colorant, paraben and fragrance free, so it’s going to be very kind to the skin without stripping away natural minerals and hydration levels.

After using this product now for a fortnight, I have to echo the claims that Billy Jealousy make in their sales pitch. It’s utterly fantastic in its moisturisation and not once has my skin felt tight and dehydrated, in need of another blast of product. I’ve applied this morning and night, after my usual cleansing and toning ritual and it has wonderfully done a job at minimizing fine lines and my overall skin fatigue. I would fully expect this face care product to be particularly useful for men in their thirties, wishing to get a head start against the unavoidable signs of ageing. This product will definitely give you adequate protection and I’d fully expect this to feature in the routines of my clients who suffer with dry skin, or who have a dry skin make-up.

Before I close, there’s a few ingredients that I’d like to point out that really caught my eye. Firstly, Walnut Seed Extract has brilliant brightening and tightening effects on the skin, which immediately give you a blast of youthfulness. Secondly, Teprenone, improves the skin’s functionality and elasticity, which in turn boosts your complexion’s tone and from my experience, results in a fresher and anti-fatigued look. Finally, Avocado Oil contains all the vitamins your skin is going to need to recharge and regenerate, so even if you already have the common signs of aging, this formula is going to whip your skin right back into shape.

Overall, a very worthy product to slip into your grooming regime and even build it around. I’d give the performance a solid 9/10 and the price is a lot more reasonable than some of the other men’s anti-ageing products at the top end of the market out there. Go and check it out!