Okay, so after finally giving into the beard buzz over the summer and growing a facial forest of my own, there's been quite a few beard related products I've tried since. From oils, shampoos and washes and everything in between, it’s been quite an up and down time, whilst trying to master the perfect look. About a month ago, I stumbled upon Billy Jealousy's Beard Control, a fast action beard moisturizer that supposedly gives facial hair reason to flourish.

After three weeks of use now, I feel obliged to share with you my experiences so far with this simply amazing product. As soon as my beard seemed to get to a nice length, it wouldn't be long before it became dry, itchy and bristly. Well, that was the case until I started using Beard Control. Rarely am I so erratic with reviews, but I am struggling to contain my excitement right now. Until a few weeks back, the only real pleasure I got out of my beard was that feeling after walking out of my local male grooming spot, where I’m greeted with a whole concoction of lotions and potions during my fortnightly trim and shave. Aside from that, it's been a pretty tough few months for me in the facial hair department, something I'm glad Billy Jealousy have finally cured.

The first thing to note about Billy's Beard Control is its great smell. As well as this, it instantly softens the beard and in turn makes the hairs more uniform. Boosting my beard's shape and volume at the same time, this lightweight cream quickly sinks in and instantly diminishes any dryness. Better still, itchiness is completely removed and I no longer have an overwhelming constant urge to poke, prod and scratch at it all day long. It looks better on camera too, as well as feels a lot more kissable, according to the girlfriend anyway - now, we can all be thankful of that, right?

Very rarely do I give products maximum stars, but as this is so divine and there is simply nothing better out there, or even a rival to contend with Billy Jealousy, this gets one almighty ten out of ten. For a thick and healthy beard that stays fresh all day long, invest once and for all in the powerful softening Beard Control and I promise, you'll never look back. It smells great, does great and really vies my overall appearance an extra dimension. For gentlemen who love a beard, but hate the pain it comes with, there’s never been so much gain in being vein!