With Christmas fast approaching, I’ve been asked to review quite a few men’s grooming kits over the past month and whilst I haven’t got time to go through all of them, today, I’ve picked out Billy Jealousy’s Beard Envy Kit, containing three individual products, to help modern men master the true art of successful beard growth. The Beard Envy Kit contains Billy Jealousy’s Beard Control, a moisturising beard balm that can be applied after pat drying your face, that has been designed to leave your facial forest soft and hydrated, all day long. It also features a Beard Wash, which is supposedly great for maintaining healthy stubble and facial hair, with its high performance cleansing properties. Finally, if that didn’t leave onlookers Envy enough, Billy Jealousy’s Beard Brush is also included, perfect for keeping your favourite party piece sculpted and well styled, long into the night.

So, what did I make of the kit? First of all, it looks fantastic! I can definitely see it making a wonderful gift for men out there already in the process of, or thinking of growing a stand out beard. It comes well packaged and quite frankly, I’d be very excited to give this as a present this Christmas to any of my mates. If only some of them had the ability to grow anything other than bum fluff!

The second thing I love about this kit is that the products are a good size. All too often, you see grooming kit’s from various brands contain miniature versions or travel sizes of their products and it’s often hard to judge the size of them, just from pictures on their websites. Billy Jealousy firmly tick this box for me, by giving 88ml of each product, which is more than enough to maintain a fresh beardy beloved, well into the new year.

Finally, the sheer performance of both beard products make Billy Jealousy’s Beard Envy Kit stand head and shoulders above the rest. I’ve used various beard washes over the past couple of years, but few very rarely thick and lather up like Billy Jealousy’s Beard Wash does. Upon application, it actually feels as though it’s doing a great cleaning job and my facial hair and the skin underneath looks gleaming and properly cleansed when I rinse it off.

As for the Beard Control, I’ve only come across a couple of products that have kept my beard well moisturised without itching all day. As some of you know, I’m a massive fan of Jack Black’s Beard Lube, but Billy’s Beard Control, in my opinion, is up there with the best, as it sunk in quickly, to leave my entire beard conditioned, soft and matte.

The brush just ads to this men’s grooming kit’s charm and before using it, I used to just use my hands to gently style my beard, but now, I can’t get enough of the beard brush and it really gives my facial hair a nice amount of conformity and volume at the same time. Well played Billy Jealousy!

Here’s what a couple of my clients had to say after using Billy’s Beard Envy Kit for the first time.

I needed a good beard brush and some quality products and this kit definitely lived up to the hype. The kit arrived nice and quickly. The brush is firm and does a great job at taming all my manliness. The other two products haven’t done me wrong so far, so I’m giving Billy Jealousy’s Beard Envy Kit a solid ten out of ten, as I have no reason to mark it down on any point. Beard is tamed!

I was shocked at the price, as I thought it would be a lot more money, considering what you get, which is brilliant. The Beard Wash lathered up well and feels soft, as well as smells great. The Beard Control has a similar pleasant smell and has reasonable hold too. It dried out all the fuzz and my beard looked so much fresher. The brush is awesome too and my beard is no longer itchy. PLENTY of product and a great present from my girlfriend.

My husband absolutely loved this product. After trying many different brands this is most definitely his preferred choice. The Beard Control works like no other and makes his beard look on top form. The brush it comes with is much better than the combs you often get with kits. I would definitely recommend as a present.