If you’re anything like me, keeping on top of a well groomed beard can sometimes seem impossible. Whether it’s bits of food, dryness, itchiness, or outright greasiness, something always seems to stand in my way of showing off a perfectly healthy and fresh facial masterpiece. Well, that was until about four weeks ago, when I was introduced to the Beard Wash by american men’s grooming heavy-hitters Billy Jealousy. I’ve tried my fair share of Billy Jealousy products in the past, as well as written a few men’s skincare reviews, so, it’s safe to say I had high hopes for their Beard Wash, hopes, that over the Christmas period have well and truly transformed into amazement.

Guaranteeing a forever vibrantly diverse grooming picture for modern men, Billy Jealousy’s beard products have certainly hit all the right chords with me over the years, but it is with the Beard Wash where it really raises the bar.

My first impressions of Billy Jealousy's Beard Wash is that you get a very respectable 236ml of product in its container, making it a very worthy investment for around the £20 mark. This product also comes in a larger size, so if you fall in love it, like I have, further down the line it’s well worth investing in this for even better value. A standard size tube will last you about four months, so well worth giving a shot!

The formula itself is enriched with high grade ingredients. There’s a couple of moisturising components in there that look good, as well as some powerful cleansers that serve a crucial purpose in maintaining a totally clean facial forest. Upon application, the formula foams up really nicely and it smells really fresh too. During washing, it’s easy to feel how much smoother my facial hair becomes and after it’s rinsed off, my beard looks hydrated, smooth and uniform.

Leaving my beard feeling soft and looking sharp, a good dose of Billy Jealousy Beard Wash really supercharges the way I looked and felt, so when it came to heading out on the town with my girlfriend, I felt way above top form and super confident.

As my beard tends to collect debris, get curly and goes a bit itchy, if you find yourself in the same boat, Beard Wash will undoubtedly be useful to you. It’s important to remember that beard hair isn’t like the hair on your head, so a regular shampoo won’t do. Instead, get something a little more targeted. With a mild woody scent, using this product three or four times a week will more than do the trick, if your facial hair is medium to long. If it’s shorter, then a couple of times a week is more than adequate I found. My facial hair grows quite quick, so I was able to gauge its effectiveness over the past month or so on various lengths.

For even better results, combine this product with a good beard balm. Billy Jealousy’s Beard Control is the obvious bet. However, I preferred MMUK MAN’s Conditioning Beard Balm, as this gave me long lasting hydration, even after a sixteen hour day in the city and going out for Christmas drinks after work.