Up until about six months ago, I thought that a bottle of Lynx was good enough to keep my hair in shape for a few months. Like most guys, after a busy day's working, I didn't want to have to waste more time in the shower than what was needed. However, after reading up on the importance of men's shampoos and choosing the most appropriate one, as well as suffering from a little thinning hair throughout spring, I quickly came to realise that I needed to change my ways.

I decided to take Billy Jealousy up on an offer to review their Fuzzy Logic Shampoo and looking back, I am so glad I did. In today's male grooming review, I'd like to share my success with this bathroom heavyweight over the past few months in particular and more importantly, how it could turn your grooming standards completely on their head.

My first impressions: A nice size bottle and a robust design that in no way looks feminine. I don't feel all too masculine clutching for my girlfriend's favourite Moroccan Oil Shampoo during shower time and I was so grateful for such a bulky looking men's shampoo that has clearly been designed for tough men who might have a softer side from time to time.

After running it though my hair, I instantly noticed its great menthol smell, smelling very similar to those mint sweets you used to have as a kid. The minty texturizing didn't stop there either, as a tingly refreshment soon captivated my scalp. Giving my failing locks an instant hit of softness and energy, it was pretty quick that I began to see that Billy Jealousy was clearly the one for me.

Over the past few months of daily use, the overall condition of my hair has improved remarkably, as well as the health and softness of my scalp. Billy Jealousy claim that this product has DHT blocking and hair strengthening properties and I would have to agree, as my hair follicles see much more stronger. Since using Billy Jealousy, it's become apparent to me that I’ve clearly been missing a good men's shampoo and I'm very proud to say that I've found one for life, with no other alternative I've tried here and there coming anywhere near close.