This week, we home in on a good quality hair styling product for men from American based brand Billy Jealousy. Introducing their Sculpt Friction Hair Paste, a hair strengthening fiber enriching paste that guarantees a strong hold all day long with a great matte finish.

Keep your hair shiny, strong and most importantly controlled with this easy to apply hair product, quickly grappling to your hair fibers when applied. A non-greasy moisturising formula that also conditions your hair, gone are the days gents where a low budget matt mud or hair gel will grant you a get out of grooming jail free card. With Billy Jealousy's Sculpt Friction, be the master in disguise with this non flaking paste that is ideal for both short to medium hair lengths.

Alex says: 'After using this product for the first time Friday night, it instantly struck a right cord with me and catapulted its way into product of the week territory. I love this hair paste, it dries quick, but not too quick and it's very easy to mold into place and re-work your style before it dries completely. A short back and sides with a little length on top has never been mastered quite this good and Billy get a well-earned five stars in my opinion.'

When it comes to ingredients, Billy Jealousy have certainly not cut any corners. Powered with Beeswax, Swertia Extract and Japonica elements, to provide much needed cover for drying and faltering hair, Sculpt Friction gives back some much needed life to your damaged locks. Packed with DHT blockers too, don't give up the fight before your time guys and instead revitalize your hair with its embedded moisturising Ginseng Extracts.