For the past month or so I've been using Billy Jealousy's Sucker Punch Face Scrub with great success gentlemen and I feel it's my duty to share with you some of the reasons why exactly it is one of the best exfoliators I have ever used. I've used a few Billy Jealousy products in the past and found most to be very reasonable in terms of performance. However, with Sucker Punch the bar has been undoubtedly raised and this is why...

After receiving the product, it's clear to see that you get a much larger than average size bottle. With most face scrubs being around the 100ml size, Billy's alternative measures in at a very satisfactory 236ml. After reviewing its ingredients list, it's clear to see that there has been no expense spared when it comes down giving your skin exactly what it needs to adequately cleanse with this facial scrub. A couple of my personal favorites were Salicylic Acid and Glycerin, two great factors in achieving a fully unclogged complexion, ready to fight my daily battles.

Infused with vitamins also, it's clear to see the anti-oxidant protection of this facial scrub for men and with no hesitation, I was very excited to include it into my daily male grooming routine. After squirting a little onto my hand, I found the texture of this face scrub to be really very good and whilst cleansing it in, it doesn't disperse too quickly like other scrubs and instead, provides a painless cleanse throughout every area of my face.

With pain free exfoliating being a massive factor, especially as I have a little sensitive skin, this mud like face scrub simply feels great upon application, leaving my skin fresh and toned for the entire day after I've used it in the morning and washed it off. With very bold packaging and a long lasting cleaning effect, slipping this face scrub into my routine was seamless, an area where I think a lot of you guys can enjoy similar success. In the weeks of use, my skin has improved tenfold. It looks toned and much more healthy, whilst my spots appear a lot less distinct and are more just minor blemishes that are disappearing by the day…winner!

A perfect addition to my wash bag that I take to the gym after work with me, because let's face it guys, your standard shower gel simply won't cut it. I would highly recommend this facial scrub to friends and family, along with anybody who reads this post. The brand doesn't fail to deliver and its performance, from my experience, is utterly unrivalled.