The world of skincare can be notoriously difficult to navigate. With a variety of creams, facials, cleansers, exfoliants, serums, aftershaves and more, by the time you take stock of all the options available to you, you’re left with one big question.

What products do I actually need for healthy, blemish-free skin?

For someone completely new to the skincare game, this question is particularly daunting. You might feel discouraged to give up on your skincare journey before you even start. But not to worry, when it comes to skincare, one old adage always rings true: Quality over Quantity. Keeping true to this philosophy, Japan-born skincare brand BULK HOMME provides a lineup of products that represent the key steps of an ideal skincare routine.

Where to Start You Skincare Journey
You may feel inclined to trial as many skincare products as possible, but the skin on your face is more delicate than you might think. If you are looking to start or revamp your skincare journey, starting from the basics will help you reacquaint yourself with your skin and minimize any damage. Start by selecting a gentle, effective face wash: dirt, grime, and excess oil are leading causes of blemishes and irritation on the skin. THE FACE WASH, BULK HOMME’s aptly named signature product, provides a premium, innovative experience that will both elevate and simplify your skincare routine.

Key Points for Selecting a Premium Face Wash

Washing your face is the most basic and essential step of your skincare routine. Using a second-class face wash can lower the effectiveness the rest of your skincare routine and may even have long-term, negative effects on your skin. To avoid any bumps on your road to clear and healthy skin, here are some simple criteria to look out for when selecting a new face wash product.

1. Be wary of ingredients and exfoliants that may damage your skin.
Some common skin irritants include menthol, peppermint, microbeads, salt, etc. Even too much friction from your fingers can cause incidental damage, so imaging the damage unnecessary exfoliants can do.
2. Select a product that both cleanses and moisturizes your skin.
If you want to keep your skincare routine simple, select a face wash that removes dirt and grime, but also keeps your skin hydrated. If your face wash includes moisturizing ingredients, it will be less vulnerable to dryness and damage.
3. Avoid products that strip your skin of natural oils.
You might think that “squeaky clean” feeling is a sign that your face wash is working, but it actually means it is stripping your skin of its essential oils needed to maintain its pH balance. These stripping cleansers will actually make your skin produce more oil and make it more susceptible to bacterial growth that can lead to blemishes.

Keep Your Skincare Routine Hassle-Free With THE FACE WASH
THE FACE WASH’s gentle formulation featuring clay minerals and bentonite clay cleanses the skin without irritating it or stripping it of its natural oils. Furthermore, seven naturally derived key ingredients such as extracts from golden silk cocoon and the South African resurrection create a veil of moisture on the skin to help prevent excess dryness. If that’s not enough to pull THE FACE WASH ahead of the competition, when paired with THE BUBBLE NET, its raw soap formulation creates an extremely thick, elastic lather that lessens the amount of friction while you wash your face. THE FACE WASH brings you the assurance of quality ingredients and the luxury of an innovative application, all while making your skincare journey simpler and more relaxing.