BullDog Organic Skincare! Well, it’s been quite a journey for this British based men’s grooming brand in recent years. With new deals across the continent agreed, an expansion in their product range and countless awards from those within the men’s lifestyle industry, there’s certainly no signs of slowing down for the hair raising beast that be. However today, I’m going back to basics to see where the all fuss emerged from, in reviewing one of their iconic skin care products, namely, the BullDog Original Face Wash.

This men’s face wash is littered with natural skin care ingredients and has been designed to gently cleanse and de-clog men’s skin. One of the factors that drew me to this product is that it is enriched with essential oils and the green tea element is something that I’ve had very positive experiences with in the past. I find Green Tea really looks after my skin and gives it energy, so to have it in a face wash was something that gave the BullDog Original Face Wash a head start in my opinion.

BullDog claim that this product will ‘lift any traces of oil, dirt and grime from the skin’ So, with my experiences, could it really leave my skin fresh and clean? I personally love the manly packaging! It gives grooming a bit of a ‘grrrr’ in my eyes and for any man’s man out there looking to keep their grooming habits firmly on the masculine side, BullDog certainly tick that box. When using the Original face wash, it nicely foamed on my skin and didn’t hurt my eyes, like some other face washes in this price range. I do get the feeling that BullDog have put a bit of extra care into this product, rather than throwing out some cheap ass product in order to appeal to the mass market.

After rinsing, my skin does in fact portray a nice healthy glow, whilst some dub it a ‘sparkling shine’ I’d be more incline to say ‘a masculine matte’, making it a great choice for guys with oily skin types. I’ve used this product for about ten days or so now and as you only have to use a little to get the required cleansing effect, I’m very confident in its excellent value. I would however, only suggest using it once a day, as I found using it in the morning and after my evening workout tended to dry out my skin too much. Whilst I’d definitely agree with the fact that my face looks more glowing, it doesn’t look any more refined and my skin tone is still slightly uneven, leading me to believe that if you did decide to use this product, I’d perhaps implement the use of a cleanser and toner also.

Overall, a very good product for the money and I give it a firm 7 out of 10. A nice look and a nice brand, sure to keep stealing the headlines.