From relatively humble beginnings, Bulldog skin care have evolved just as organically as their top range of products over the years. To this day, their no-nonsense formulas and easy to master products are loved by thousands of urban fueled British gentlemen. Still one of our most popular male grooming brands, in this week’s blog, we’ve picked a large selection of their products and dug a little deeper to give you the low down of what each and every one actually does and how they can super charge your skin care routine within minutes. So, let’s get down to business.

Oil Control Moisturiser - 100ml

Lightweight and smooth this fast absorbing moisturiser is infused with extracts derived from, Juniper Berries, Willow Bark & Witch Hazel. 3 wonderful ingredients that provide the skin with brilliant benefits. Juniper Berries and Witch Hazel both used for their ability to treat acne prone skin and provide antibacterial and wound healing coverage. Willow Bark's natural astringent and soothing actives leave the skin set and protected. Juniper Berries allow for better water retention, whilst oil control is covered throughout each extract. Your skin is left feeling matte and reduced in excess sebum. Its formula keeps you lightly hydrated with smoother feeling and healthier looking skin overall. Balance out those oils that can lead to breakouts and imperfections.

Age Defense Moisturiser - 100ml

Battle those wrinkles and signs of aging and reduce natures pull on your skin. 4 weeks to give you remarkable results is possible with this infusion packed with 5 essential oils, Oak Apple Tannins & Millet Seed. Lightweight and gentle in consistency, it will leave your skin super soft after application. Providing great hydration and protection. A non-oily lotion to help fight the signs of aging. Millet Seed, which is a brilliant ingredient helps with this fight. Neautralising free radicals that attack the skin and stress caused from these aggressors. It aids by rejuvenating skin cells and reversing the natural aging effects. Powerful little antioxidants with rich fatty acids which grant super protection to the skin. This thicker cream will help to keep your skin hydrated and looking more youthful.

Oil Control Face Mask - 100ml

Infused with oil controlling botanical and natural ingredients, Juniper Berries, Witch Hazel and Willow Bark to balance out and for mattifying your skin. Also mixed into this solution are 3 natural clays, Cornish, Kaolin and Volcanus which go deeper into the skin to absorb and extract large levels of oils. They purify the skin and gently reduce the size of pores. The skin will be re-balanced and softer to the touch. Follow up with a moisturiser to stop the skin from drying out and to lock in more moisture. Used effectively, your pore size and sebum levels become better controlled for a healthier complexion.

Oil Control Face Scrub - 125ml

Infused with antibacterial and mattifying Juniper Berries, Witch Hazel and Willow Bark is Bulldog's oil control face scrub with added charcoal, For a rich lathering and exfoliating regime to be used several times a week when needed. Added charcoal draws out impurities and blemishes while purifying the skin. Combined with the gentle astringent effect of the other ingredients balances out unessary oils, tones and mattifies the face allowing new skin to breathe and grow underneath. Your skin will be left smooth and soft. Readied for a protective moisturiser.

Oil Control Face Wash - 150ml

Juniper Berries and Witch Hazel provide an antibacterial and astringent face wash for you to use safely, daily. Lather and wash away the grime and dirt that sits on your skins surface and take control of the imbalance of oils at the same time. Willow Bark leaves your skin soothed and calmed. Your skin will feel super refreshed and cleansed deeply. The nature of this gentle cleanser grants you the ability to use it daily. Without damaging your skin and over stimulating it from the cleaning process.

Oil Control Blemish Targeter - 5ml

Infused with Bulldog's signiture antibacterial and soothing extracts is a formula, specially patented, to provide aid to blemishes and imperfections and at the same time showcase precision targeting. Using a nozzle like feature, the oil controlling blemish applicator will reduce excess sebum, whilst calming and reducing redness caused by outbreaks of blemishes. Containing powerful Witch Hazel, with natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory agents. The formula helps to tackle the problem at the root and helps protect the area that is covered by flaring and extended breakouts. Juniper Berries are fantastic water-binding actives to actively hydrate the skin and provide protection. Use this compact, blemish controlling targeter at the first signs of a breakout to prolong maintenance and maximise it's effects to your skin.

Multi-action Toner

Suitable for all skin types to set and tone the face after cleansing. Bulldog's toner helps to reduce excess oil with its patented formula. For best results use daily after cleansing and before moisturing. Just allow time to let the product sink in naturally. It is soothing and gentle and allows the skin to keep calm to reduce any irritation. Providing a light veil-like barrier to prepare the face for additional skincare products.

Multi-action Emulsion - 140ml

A non-stixky emulsion to provide exceptional moisturing protection and coverage and give you results that last all day. The formula is enriched with 3 fantastic and brilliant extracts to aid in this lightweight facial solution. Avocado Oil, Aloe Vera and Cocoa Butter make this unique product. Aloe Vera is world known for its soothing and healing abilities. Using its own plant stem cells, it activity enriches and stimulates our own skin cells and helps our skin to reform and become stronger. It's extracts used on burns and cuts grant healing and regenerative traits. Cocoa Butter is a super hydrating agent that grants a locked in water-controlling barrier. And Avocado Oil is nourishing and full of essential fatty oils to help with shield like protection and hydration benefits. Together thry create a solution that is lightweight and non-greasy. Perfect for any gents who want protection without a residue. Usually the result thicker styles of moisturisers can often give when used. Apply one cleansed face for the best results.

Bulldog Handcream - 75ml

Packed with extracts of Green Tea Leaf, Aloe Vera and Camelina Oil to bring purifying and regenerative actives to your skin. Refresh and soothe your hands with this fast working handcream. Non-greasy or sticky, this fast acting and fast absorbing solution will provide nourishment up to 24hours. Relieves dry, chapped and irritated skin using key elements to hydrate and lock in moisture which over time will reduce any discomfort your hands are experiencing.

Lip Balm - 4g

Apply directly to the lips to provide 'locked-in' and moisturising nourishment with this special formula from Bulldog. With ingredients like, Mint, Castor Oil, Shea Butter and Candellia Wax infused together to create a lip Balm to soothe dry and cracked lips. Lock in moisture and pucker up to this brilliant and efficient lip balm. Extracts of natural Aloe Vera and Green Tea provide purifying, healing and rejuvenating benefits, to really support hydration and moistured protection, whilst keeping the area calmed.

Foaming Sensitive Shave Gel - 200ml

'Powered by air' - this foaming gel provides a smooth and super close shave. Allow for a perfect and clean looking shave each time with this patented formula. The rich lathering gel is suitable for sensitive skin, providijg support for quickly irritated skin. If you're prone to the effects of harsher gels that give your skin, heat, itchiness or stinging sensations, than this calming shave gel by Bulldog should be in your bathroom cupboard. Willow Herb, Baobab Oil and Oat Oil provide gentle nourishment and calming qualities to keep skin feeling and looking refreshed.

Original Beard Shampoo & Conditioner - 200ml

A special '2 in 1' formulated beard shampoo and conditioner to provide nourishment and cleansing properties to you facial hair. With actives extracts of Green Tea Leaf, Camelina Oil & Aloe Vera to support rejuvenation and stimulating the healing and growth of your hair from the root. A cleansing and cleaning applicator that removes dirt, build up of oils, dry and dead skin cells and pollutants from your facial hair. Lather and rinse out the leave your hair feeling silky soft and full of nourishment. A perfect multi-acting duo.

Original Beard Oil - 30ml

Improve your beard further after using the '2 in 1' Shampoo & Conditioner by dousing your facial hair in some extra goodness. This fast absorbing beard oil has been created to soften and provide extra conditioning to your hair. By locking in moisture at the root to keep your hair and skin underneath hydrated and protected for the duration of the day. Containing extracts of Aloe Vera, Green Tea Leaf & Camelina Oil. To purify, sooth and protect your beard. This added protein will help against natural and daily aggressors - such as heat and pollutants in the atmosphere.