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Calvin Klein Men's FoundationFor years, Calvin Klein has been a household name in the world of men's style and fashion.  However, when you think of such an iconic brand, the term men's cosmetics wouldn't necessary spring to mind.  You'd be perfectly forgiven fellas for wanting to browse underwear over concealer and fragrance over bronzer.  But what if you were to see the benefits that such products could provide?


Would it tarnish your view of this luxury brand or would it in fact further stake its claim as your solid as a rock fashion stalwart?


Calvin Klein men's cosmetics are not readily available.  Only sold at a select few online men's stores, the range consists of 12 superior products, all designed to seriously upgrade your look.  In today's latest men's skin care blog, allow MaleSkin's carefully assembled team of experts to run the rule over the entire range and provide valuable insights into what each product across the whole line can do for you.


Calvin Klein Foundation For MenSo, without further ado gentlemen, let's get down to business and show you why so many modern men are taking on board the power of cosmetics for men and simply powering their way to  skincare success. 


Calvin Klein Men's Foundation 

The range consists of three excellent and high performance foundation products for men.  The main reasons for wear include blanketing your face in natural coverage, hiding mild skin complaints and tackling redness and uneven skin.  Foundation for men, when done right, can be a real success and with the help of CK's incredibly subtle formulas will work wonders when it comes to achieving your grooming goals.


Calvin Klein's hydrating male foundation is geared for men with dry skin types.  Whilst their oil-free formula is equipped for oily skin type, as it provides a professional matte finish.  Both arriving in a liquid form and applied in the same way you would a men's moisturiser, stylish and effective remain upmost paramount when highlighting the features of these two products.  As for the third, a Creme to Powder foundation makes up the front row of cosmetics and is especially good for well rehearsed men in the world of cosmetics.


Calvin Klein ConcealerCalvin Klein Concealer for men.

In this modern grooming age that we live in, concealer is everything, fact!  Covering up a wide range of imperfections, as a man, has never been so effective, enjoyable and confidence boosting.  Calvin Klein offer two expert concealers, geared to cover all manner of imperfections that could arise.  


Tackle dark circles, puffiness and eye bags with Calvin Klein's brightening concealer and utilize the power of their Creme concealer for spots, facial marks, blemishes and even scars.  With a double impact guard against such skin problem's, think of these two cosmetic heavyweights as inviting the Kray brothers into your bathroom battle.


Calvin Klein Male Bronzing PowderCalvin Klein Men's Bronzer

Formulated to fight fatigued, pale and dull skin, the next two products come in the form of CK's male bronzing powders.  Offering 2 products across the range, suited to providing your skin with a healthy dose of colour, men's cosmetic advocates can quickly get on board with the fully matte, non-shimmering expertise on offer.  Retailing at £15.00 and £10.00 respectively and applied using a men's bronzing brush, add a splash of colour to your otherwise washed out world, for that fresh off the beach glow all year round.  With the help of Calvin Klein, you no longer have to kiss that post-holiday tan goodbye after a weekend in the Med and gents, the ladies will very much be encapsulated.

Calvin Klein Eyeliner and Mascara

An area where most men often raise eyebrows to is the inclusion of eyeliner and mascara into your grooming routine.  Defined eyes are not necessary the number one objective for men who adopt cosmetics.  Likewise, getting a rock god look with such cosmetics might well be avoided.  However, in reality gents, work in this powerful duo and you can achieve a great natural look without looking like a drag queen.


Calvin Klein Men's Tinted MoisturiserThe collection is nicely rounded off with Calvin Klein's Tinted Moisturiser.  Often broached as the first step into cosmetics, as it is merely just a variation of a moisturiser, such a product provides great natural colour and hydrates the skin incredibly during the process.  For great results, apply tinted moisturiser before concealer as you begin your wholesome journey into 21st century manhood.

For now gentlemen, it's been fun and should you require any more information about Calvin Klein's men's cosmetics, feel free to ask our expert team at