It’s been a while since I’ve reviewed an eye product for men and even longer since I’ve reviewed a serum, so this month, I’ve selected Clarins Men Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum to try out and review and I’m delighted to share my experience with it so far. For you guys who aren’t quite sure what skin serum’s are, they’re like the luxury sports car of men’s skin care, typically costing a lot more than your average product, but containing super-charged ingredients, to put your skin’s recovery well and truly into the fast lane. Men’s skin serum’s typically contain potent ingredients that act quickly to rejuvenate the skin and reverse the most common signs of ageing.

I haven’t used too many Clarins Men’s products in my time, but on the whole, I’ve read about the brand being very good and most reviews out there on their products seem to be extremely positive. This Anti Fatigue Eye Serum in particular, looks the part and it either comes in a 10ml tube for around £15, or a 20ml squeeze top pot for about £28. I would recommend getting the tube, simply because you can squeeze it and get every last drop out, rather than relying on a pump action, which isn’t always as efficient at dispensing all of the products contents and sometimes can put too much product in the palm of your hand. You may be thinking that for such a small amount of product this serum is quite expensive, but as it’s for the eye area, you only need a small pea size amount of product for each application, so I’d expect 10ml to last you around about six to eight weeks with normal use.

The formula itself is really lightly textured and is a quick sinking gel that instantly firms and refreshes my eye area. It’s actually quite cooling too and even though my eye bags and dark circles didn’t disappear straight away, I could definitely see an improvement in firmness and health. After using this Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum for about ten days straight, with twice daily application, I started noticing some massive improvements in the appearance of my eyes. I tend to get dark circles and eye bags, which have come on more since having my little boy and missing, on average, three hours of sleep a night. However, this serum’s power quickly diminished them and made my eyes look magnificently revitalized.

Described as an energizing solution to combat the visible signs of ageing, Clarins Men really set the expectation bar high with this serum, promising to reduce puffiness, dark circles and increase the smoothness of the entire eye area in the process. Did it work for me? Absolutely! I loved how lightweight it was and non-oily too. I recently read that applying too much eye cream can actually prevent your skin’s rejuvenation, due to the skin beneath the eyes being about seven times thinner than the rest of your face, which in turn can swamp and clog the area, but as this serum sunk in so fast, it didn’t leave any residue.

Ingredients wise, there’s a couple that really stand out for me, including Ginseng (a massive anti-fatigue inducer), Bison Grass and Chinese Ginger, which all combine to give the eyes more energy and firmness. Every promise made by this product I found out to be true, which unfortunately is not always the case when it comes to men’s skin care. I’d highly recommend this product to guys over thirty, who aren’t happy with the freshness and youthfulness of their eyes. If you’re a long term sufferer of dark circles and eye bags too, it’s definitely worth giving Clarins Men’s Anti Fatigue Eye Serum a crack! Start off with the smaller tube and if you’re anything like me, you’ll be ordering the big size in no time, to last you a few months at least. Clarins Men, so far, so good!