I don't know about you gents, Face Creambut every time I hear the words 'men' and 'skin care' in the same sentence, one automatically thinks of the abundance of face creams, exfoliators,, or even male cleaners out there on the market.  However, I believe that male skin care is far more than that!  It's from within, it's a lifestyle and most importantly it's a complexity, which is far more substantial than any of us fellas ever realized.


There are two valuable bits of information which I'd like to share:  The first thing is that, despite the diversities and endless channels involved in attaining a complete skin care program, we are here to break them down into manageable chunks for you, in order for you to fully digest and understand the varying aspects to revealing truly great skin.


As for the second, and leading us nicely on to today's blog, is that you can never cheat your way out of a bad diet, with skin care products.  Like you could never train yourself out of a bad diet at the gym, a similar concept can be applied here when it comes to the sheer skin power of eating good.


As each month goes by, we will update our entrusted fellowship with some truly great smoothies, which we've refereed to as 'Power Smoothies'.  Designed to give your skin exactly what it requires from within, to completely enhance your complexion, such power smoothies are your ultimate assassin when it comes to banishing those troublesome skin issues.


Today we'll start off with the 'MaleSkin Clear Skin Smoothie' - which you may wish to pick up the ingredients for next time you're at the shops or online.  Because gents, a few moments checking out previously untrodden isles in your local supermarket for its ingredients, may just put a smile back on your face when it comes to your very own grooming performance.


So, let's break down what you will need and the benefits of such ingredients in this month's power clear skin smoothie.  Each ingredient has been hand picked to truly optimize and begin your first vital step towards a clearer complexion (and of course, to make it tasty good enough to drink).



1 Scoop of Hemp Protein

1/2 Cup of Organic Blueberries

12 Bunch of Dandelion Greens (no stems)

11oz Coconut Water

1/4 Avocado

1 Tablespoon of Raw Cacao Powder


First thing's first, it is important to note that this power smoothie certainly takes no half measures.  It's here for one thing only, and that is business.  The coconut water is fueled by Potassium, which assists your skin cells in getting and retaining valuable moisture, resulting in your complexion looking smooth, refined and continually hydrated.


The protein powder element of this clear skin smoothie contains hemp seeds which balance your skin and provide it with essential omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.  The result?  A more youthful and fresher complexion, as these vital fatty acids are crucial in the skin's day to day structural performance and ultimately its anti-aging performance.  


Penultimately gentlemen:  Dandelion stems provide valuable nutrition to your liver, which is the main driving force behind the clearness and general health of your skin.  Essentially a powerful detoxifier, this element of the smoothie has internal and external benefits which match that of even the best skin care for men products.


In half the time, don't look twice your age with a MaleSkin power smoothie.  Finally, exploit the complete anti-oxidant power of avocado and raw cacao powder.  This sheer mix guarantees much clearer skin and a fresh glowing complexion fit for an urban gentlemen.


So fellas, take your skin care to the kitchen and discover how far just a little shake up can take you.  Stay tuned for more power skin smoothies designed to combat all manner of male skin imperfections.