Any cream that promises to ‘visibly reduce spot size and redness in as fast as 4 hours’ simply has to be tried in my opinion. That’s exactly what Clearasil’s Ultra Rapid Action Treatment Cream promises and over the past 24 hours, I’ve been putting it through its paces. On Monday of this week, I had a small break out of spots on my chin and cheek, mainly down to the fact that I’d eaten terribly and drunk far too much over the weekend. I saw this as a perfect opportunity to review one of the many spot and acne creams that are currently out there on the market.

My girlfriend actually recommended this cream to me, which she has used herself, every now and then, over the past few months. She sometimes gets break outs if it’s a certain time of the month, or if she’s had one or two glasses of Prosecco with the girls. WARNING ladies! Alcohol is a killer if you’re trying to get clear skin and try switching to mineral makeup too, which is much kinder to your complexion.

There’s nothing particularly special about this product’s packaging. It’s pretty mainstream if I’m honest and it doesn’t feel particularly premium, but for around the £6 mark, I’d honestly expect nothing more. It’s clinically proven, which is a good sign and you get 25ml of product in each tube, which is about 10ml more than your average men’s spot cream. So, this is what Clearasil have to say about this treatment cream: ‘Clearasil’s spot fighting ingredients work with the skin to open up blocked pores, which can lead to spots and breakouts. It delivers spot fighting ingredients deep within the pores, to help clear spots fast.’ It also advises you to wash your face and leave it to dry, before applying a thin layer of this treatment over spots and allowing it to dry – fairly simple, so, not a bad start!

I’d recommend applying a good helping of this product over your spots, it sinks into the skin quickly and doesn’t leave your face greasy, like some other treatment creams around on the men’s grooming market. If I’m honest, after 4 hours, my spots didn’t really look all too different, they were still clearly visible. However, they did look a lot less angry and irritated, which encouraged me to go for another application. This is an intensive cream, so applying this a few times a day and before bed is an absolute necessity, if you’re looking to take full advantage of it and recover the skin quick.

Before bed on Monday night, I applied this spot treatment to my face again and left it to dry before hitting the hay. The next morning I was pleasantly surprised as all the redness around the outer area of my spots had totally disappeared and they all felt quite dry, which I know is a sign that they’re on their way out. Another application at lunch time and it was clear to see that my smaller spots were disappearing and by that evening they had turned to flat blemish marks on my skin, rather than bumpy soars. It was over the second night where this cream came into its own and by Wednesday morning, all of my smaller spots had pretty much vanished and the larger ones were left as faint blemishes on my face.

To say that this product is ‘rapid’ might be a bit over the top guys, but you definitely will see a slight improvement within the promised 4 hours. I’d say that this was more of a 24-36 hour thing, so if you’re expecting super quick results, you won’t be getting it with this one. However, if it’s mid-week and you’ve got a big weekend coming up and your skin is faltering, Clearasil’s Treatment Cream will definitely speed up your skin’s recovery.

I’m a firm believer in following a good exfoliating, cleansing and toning regime in order to combat spots and break outs, so if you do that, then this cream is well worth having in your wash bag for the odd specific application, but if you’re finding yourself relying on this product week in, week out to keep your face clear, it’s not going to deliver what you expect. I’d say that if left alone, a spot disappears in 4-5 days, so with this cream speeding it up to 2-3, it’s more than worth a punt for six quid.