Looking good need no longer come at a price with Clinique For Men’s Anti Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel. All of us guys face the burden of eye bags and the daunting look of draining dark circles every once in a while, but could the bubble finally have burst for these confidence cripplers?

Containing caffeine, pomegranate and grapeseed extract, this powerful anti oxidant rich eye care product for men offers a great route out of your eye related bathroom grief gentlemen. I have used this product for about three weeks now and have noticed that my eyes certainly look more awake and revitalized. Packaged in a tube that contains a roller ball style applicator, this technique in application is becoming very popular in latest designs of eye gels and creams. I personally love this type of applicator as you don’t end up wasting product and risk swamping your delicate eye area with too much shine causing product.

Why would you buy Clinique’s Cooling Eye Gel? Plain and simply to reduce the appearance of dark circles and bags. Caused mainly by genetics and ill poor lifestyle, this eye roll on is no wonder treatment and keep them at bay forever. If you are prone to suffering with this type of skin problem, Clinique’s won’t fix them forever, but the visual improvements you’ll see from continued use, will certainly leave you feeling and looking better. Protect your skin against free-radical damage with Clinique’s Eye Gel and enjoy quick sinking and easy application. Priced at a reasonable £20 at most online shops, it’s a great place to start. However, there are a few things that holds this product back compared to better creams from the likes of Polaar and MMUK MAN.

Firstly, it does contain tangerine peel, which sometimes causes irritation and damage to sensitive skin types. You also need to be aware that this contains no SPF quality and this should alway be taken into consideration when choosing your next purchase. Whilst it does moisturise your skin, you may have to re-apply more than twice a day in the long run to achieve its full effects. Overall, I am a massive fan of the Clinique For Men

range and would definitely recommend giving it a go.