So, for the last week or so I’ve been experimenting and wearing Clinique For Men's Face Bronzer, a very dark cream that I’m not used to applying all that often. I’ve used the odd tinted moisturiser in the past and found very good results, including Recipe For Men’s Energizing Bronze Cream.

My first impressions of this Face Bronzer were that the packaging is great and you get a healthy 60ml container. I would say that you do not need to use a lot of this bronze cream, simply because it is so dark. If you’re after a deep tanned holiday look all year round, then this should be your number one choice. My skin tone is quite light, about an N5 on MMUK MAN’s colour palette and this cream gives it a fantastic tint that blends in very easily. I can imagine it working very well for men between the skin tone range of N3 to N8, however, if you don’t want to look obviously tanned, I suggest combining it with a little bit of normal daily moisturiser, simply to thin it out.

Clinique For Men’s Face Bronzer is very easy to blend in to your skin and looks very subtle. Obviously if you’re applying more in winter months, people are going to ask questions as to how your tan looks so good, but you can always play the ‘I’ve caught some winter sun card’. Better still, it lasts all day long and I mean all day! I’ve applied this in the morning, gone to work and then out for drinks and my face still looks healthy and vibrant.

It’s very water resistant and non-streaky, which is a big plus for me and the ingredients from which it’s built is simply top drawer. You can feel the luxuriousness and smoothness of the quick sinking cream when you apply it and aside from darkening your complexion, it moisturises the skin really well and leaves it supple and fresh.

For guys serious about their sun, using this bronzer for men as an alternative wouldn’t go a miss, as I have found it’s a much safer alternative to sun beds and cooking yourself under the heat of the summer sun. Cheat a holiday finish all year round with this wonder cream and for even better results, as I have found, combine it with a darker colour concealer (N8/N9) to blend away the odd blemish that may still reside on your face – an excellent product that is very reasonably priced at around the £20 mark.