Clinique For Men’s Maximum Hydrator isn’t a product we stock here at at present, so with that comes our expert, completely impartial thoughts on this growingly popular male grooming product. A fast absorbing lightweight face cream, Maximum Hydrator comes in a really masculine pot that would sit proudly on any modern man’s bathroom shelf or office desk. Developed for normal to dry skin types, this powerful hydrator penetrates every layer of your skin quickly with its combination of high-grade naturally sourced ingredients.

But what does this really mean? Looking beyond the fancy language, a whole lot of skin goodness guys! Firstly, you’ll begin to notice a much softer feel to your face after using this cream for about 5 to 7 days. Gone will that thirsty and dehydrated feeling, you might find after first waking up, being outside for too long, or sweating it out at the gym. Secondly, a powerful anti-ageing complex will result in younger looking skin, literally allowing you two roll back the years with twice daily use.

Next, you’ll begin to notice a boost in your skin’s vitality. The most common signs you’ll see is an improvement in skin tone and evenness, as well as a less fatigued look to your skin, similar to the look you might experience after having a few too many beers, or staying up late to watch your favorite show. Fourthly, it’s fine lines’ turn to get the boot with Clinique For Men's Maximum Hydrator, as a de-stressed look to your skin will accompany visibly reduced lines around the outer eye in particular, one of the key cripplers in your bid for younger looking skin.

Saving the best until last, it’s a boost in skin’s smoothness that really makes the difference with this skin care for men savior. Every guy nowadays wants smooth and healthy skin, similar to that of the fellas from Geordie Shore or TOWIE. With Clinique’s latest blockbuster giving you the A-List bathroom treatment, you’ll quickly come to realize how just the smallest changes in the bathroom can go a long way towards giving you the complexion you deserve. Priced at around £30 at most online retailers, Max Hydrator is a little pricier than your average, but in the long run will prove to be one of your best ever men’s grooming moves.