Nickel Skin Perfecting ConcealerWhat makes a good men's concealer? I can draw up a list as long as my arm for this, but in reality gents, if you focus on the five main areas, you're undoubtedly going to end up with a cover-up product to leave your confidence on cloud nine.


The first two factors relate to how undetectable the actual concealer is, with a natural and subtle finish making it onto most guys agenda. This, along with a long lasting finish is paramount if you're a busy man on the go and in need of all day long cover up. Being easy to blend and colour match makes it onto the most important list, as being caught out in a grooming conundrum isn't something that's going to go down well before a big night out or Monday morning meeting. Choosing your concealer colour in the first place and effortlessly blending it in with your skin tone are crucial when it comes to wearing this form of men’s cosmetic day in, day out with success.


Finally, a concealer for men that simply does what it says is of course crucial. There is no point in making your grooming regime more complicated and risky with cheaper unnatural concealers if you're not going to reap the full rewards of all they have to offer. In today's men's cosmetic blog, allow us to light your very own pathway into the world of male concealer, by showcasing what we believe are the very best concealers for men on the market at present.


With over twenty concealers available on the grooming market at the moment, with more certain to follow, you'd be forgiven for getting a little caught in the headlights when it comes to achieving a little complexion enhancement. Us guys need to be given the facts with clear and effective instruction, which is what we will strive to do today.


So, let's begin as you get to work on removing all manner of facial imperfections, including the likes of spots, blemishes, scars and razor nicks with our top five concealers for men.


concealer Before and After5. MMUK MAN Under Eye Concealer

A specialist under eye concealer made for men, MMUK MAN's showpiece is the casual nod to the Iconic YSL Homme Touche Eclat. This enriching men's concealer makes light work of dark circles, puffiness and general eye fatigue with its high coverage and brightening formula. MMUK MAN's formula, when applied, acts as millions of little mirrors on the delicate under eye area geared to refract light and reduce the appearance of common under eye skin complaints. Dark circles are no more with this very delicate blend of vitamins and antioxidants, formulated to be oh so kind to your thin under eye skin without swamping it.


4. Menaji Camouflage Camo Concealer

This discreet little wingman is the perfect option if you want to cover up scars and damaged skin, thanks to its thicker and more textured base. Perfect for oily skin types, Menaji's Camo Concealer utilises powerful minerals to withstand oil production within your troubled skin, ensuring your covered imperfections doesn’t glaze over with a shine after a long days wear. It's long lasting nature is a big hit for city guys on the go and has even been known to be worn by TV presenters in particular, who have to brave many an hour behind the camera. Menaji skin care is a wonderful option coming from State side with its thicker texture is great at hiding the appearance of moles and inflamed spots.


Evolution Man Concealer3. Evolution Man Conceal and Treat Stick

For out and out performance it would be unfair to exclude Evolution Man's Conceal and Treat stick. Boasting a formula that not only hides most common imperfections, but gets to work on healing the skin beneath the surface, allowing you to go it all alone just a few days later. This handy little lifesaver ensures common skin problems can RSVP elsewhere when it comes to looking good on a Saturday night or before a big date. Evolution Man's Advanced Complex comes in a variety of easy to match shades and is probably the best in the bunch when it comes to blending power. By using your fingertip, it's quick and easy applicator allows you to immediately cover skin issues - making it a night you'll not forget in a hurry as you experience a surge in confidence.


2. 4VOO Confidence Corrector Concealer

Anything that is worn by the likes of Brad Pitt and George Clooney I want to get on board with - fact! But gents, whilst the fancy suits, cars and lifestyle are way off the menu for us average blokes, there's one thing that can be achieved with 4VOO's Confidence Corrector. Worn by some of the biggest male celebs in the business, this concealer stick for men packs a hefty price, albeit with some great skin benefits to boot. Quote literally correct your confidence with the cover up ability of 4VOO. A luxury Canadian brand, 4VOO was designed and targeted for men regularly under the microscope of media, press and television. It does quite literally tick all the boxes when it comes to what men really need from a concealer and its masculine packaging somehow makes you feel like men's cosmetics aren't such a bad thing after all. If you've ever wondered how those guys look so good, look no further than 4VOO men’s cosmetics. It is however, a little on the pricey side as it has to be imported, but for men on more of a budget a little touch up can go a hell of a long way!


1. MMUK MAN Concealer Stick For Men

If you thought that things couldn't get any better, well, now they can. The number one selling concealer for men well and truly deserves it's crown as king of the cosmetics castle. You'd be very hard pressed to find a user who wouldn't use this product over and over and with a product that perfectly balances the five most important features of a quality concealer for men, it's surely here to stay. Hugely coveted by the likes of male grooming blog Manface and featured in Men's Health, for a simply superb skin upgrade, why not become and MMUK man? This discreet and versatile concealer stick makes light work of all those imperfections that constantly bring your skin down. Spots, blemishes, marks are quite literally any other imperfection can be swiped away with just a little dab. This concealer comes in 10 wonderful tones and the support offered by MMUK MAN to help you choose the colour is truly unrivalled. The best concealer for men at a very reasonable price too that will leave you looking air brushed and masculine.