You can spend a small fortune on your fashion and a pretty penny on protein powder, to give yourself a boost when looking in the mirror. But the truth is, no matter how much you spend on looking good - if your skin’s not up to scratch, you’re not going to feel completely comfortable.

The stigma around men taking good and proper care of their skin has dramatically dwindled in recent years, laying the fruitful foundations for the modern man to put his best face forward every day. However one problem still remains, in that most gentlemen aren’t quite sure of how to spend their hard earned queens heads. Do you opt for another brand new pair of trainers? Or do you hedge your bets and choose a clutch of male grooming products to drastically improve the appearance of your boat race?

For the guys who nonchalantly sidestep this simple dilemma and opt for the latter, often a little guidance is needed on what products they need and indeed, where to buy them. Whether you’re starting from scratch, or looking for the final pieces of your bathroom puzzle - we’ve listed the six different types of products perfect for giving your grooming game true lift off. Along with including a suggested product for each type of product that every Huffington Post male reader should own.

Facial Cleanser

This gentle non-foaming Facial Cleanser from Anthony Logistics contains mild Glycolic Acids to efficiently remove dead skin cells, dirt and other impurities from deep within your skin. Use this cleanser daily to help reveal a healthier and brighter complexion. Apply a little to your finger tips, before gently massaging around your face - paying particular attention to your nose and chin, to help alleviate blackheads.

Facial Scrub

Most gentlemen make the mistake of using a facial scrub every day to combat their oily skin. However, doing so will result in your skin producing more natural oils in order to desperately replenish those that are lost. For best results, use a men’s facial exfoliator like Jack Black's Face Buff Energizing Scrub two or three times a week. This deeply purifying scrub also offers a deep cleanse, whilst smoothing and refining your skin’s surface and fighting a dull and fatigued appearance in the process.


If you’re not already in the habit of using a toner after cleansing, it’s definitely worth trying to nail it sooner rather than later. The daily use of a toner helps minimise the appearance of your skin’s pores, whilst sweeping away any lingering toxins and debris from your epidermis. For the most effective use, simply splash your toner onto a cotton wool pad and gently massage it into your cleansed skin. Zirh's Refresh Invigorating Astringent is one of many men’s facial toners that harbor anti-bacterial and anti-shine benefits. Premium quality toner’s like these are usually rich in antioxidants too - meaning skin protection is very much the order of the day.

Moisturiser That Contains SPF

You’ve probably got into the habit of using the same old moisturiser that you pick up every now and then at your local supermarket. If this is sounding familiar, it’s time to upgrade this step of your face care routine and invest in a moisturiser that contains SPF. Moisturisers which contain protection from harmful UV rays suitably protect the skin from premature ageing and hardening over time. Leave your skin soft and supple with a single application of the deliciously lightweight Recipe For Men SPF15 Facial Moisturiser. .


We realise that the idea of applying concealer as a man may feel a little alien to you. However, with big name celebs like David Beckham learning how much a little touch up can take his complexion, there’s no surprise that the boundaries preventing everyday men from dabbling in make-up are quickly breaking down. MMUK MAN’s brand new Age Defence Concealer is a liquid formula that blends naturally over blemishes, fine lines and even dark circles - meaning you no longer have to brave the dreaded Monday morning commute looking like you’ve gone twelve rounds with Anthony Joshua.

Lip Balm

Cap off your brand new and upgraded skin care routine nicely with a simple application of Lip Balm. A men’s lip balm promises to leave your lips soft, conditioned and looking healthy. You’re not going to get too many swipes right with dry and chapped lips, nor are the ones that do going to find them particularly appealing! Add Vitaman's Lip Moisturiser to your grooming arsenal today and enjoy yet another powerful weapon in your pursuit of perfection.