Cleansing is a term that has floated around the skincare and beauty industry for several years now. Cleansing is often the best part of the day for most of us, be it morning or evening. It’s a great feeling giving yourself a refreshing start to the day and the feeling of rinsing the day off from your skin is just as delicious. I’m talking especially to those who will be able to relate to me as a fellow commuter in and around the London Underground system. (You know that nasty and greasy feel you get after a day shooting around!) We should be tackling it more and doing a double cleanse from time to time to help benefit our skin further and it only takes an additional few minutes on top of your normal skincare routine.

Double Cleansing is essentially the action of cleansing twice in one regime. Once to remove the first level of debris that have built up on your skin. The oils, products, pollution, dirt and cosmetics that inevitably settle into your epidermis. Then the second cleanse should be a more direct approach that focuses on your skin’s specific needs. These are conditions such as oily, dehydrated, combination, acne prone or lacklustre skin. We all should be taking the time to realise that we each have unique skin that has its own set of problems. We should all investigate what we can do to help promote our skin’s health and understand the best way to keep it in tip-top condition.

Double cleansing comes with a heap of misconceptions and myths. You can even find it in the name itself. Double cleansing sounds like it will strip too much from your skin and leave your skin dryer and more prone to bacteria or environmental attacks. This really isn’t the case. If you double cleanse using the correct products for your skin types, you’ll find it improves the nature of your skin. If your skin isn’t as clean as it can be, you’ll find that your skincare or cosmetic products don’t work to their full potential. Your skin won’t be ready to receive any further products down the line of your regime and you’ll be left not benefiting from the formulas that are created to bolster and support healthy skin. You will get a fraction of the benefits and if you are spending good money on good products that you want to enjoy, it could become more costly.

Double cleansing is quick and easy and shouldn’t sound like an extra chore. Just check what your skin type is and what it needs to look great. If you are worried that you are stripping too much from your skin, think about it logically. Using two cleansers that are quite abrasive could lead to skin redness, skin sensitivity, inflammation and stinging. Using a daily micro-abrasion cleanser will help break down dirt and oils, as well as any dead skin cells looming around the surface. Following that up with a lathering foaming cleanser will allow you to work that further into the skin and for longer too, if the pressure isn’t too aggressive. This will catch out any residual dirt that was missed in the nooks of your skin. There are many varieties of cleansers that focus on specific needs. Be it acne breakout or foaming pump applicators including tea-tree and witch hazel components that help fight bacteria on the skin. With astringent properties you’ll find they actively work in favour of your skin.

The act of double cleansing is a great way to encourage your products to really give you the full benefits from their formulas. It allows your skin to feel its cleanest and over time improve the health of it further. It is possible to over cleanse your skin, that is a fact. But you’ll know whether you are cleansing too greatly if you skin becomes angry. Always ensure you follow up a good double cleanse with a toner, serum/concentrated oil and moisturiser to lock in any moisture and give your skin the best chance. Be it for the day aggressors ahead, or overnight whilst it recovers.