Men’s body moisturisers and lotions are a range of products that are getting more and more air time on the waves of the growing modern men’s grooming market. In this week’s men’s skin care blog, I’ve picked out three fan favourites for you to cast your browsing paws on, to see if you too could benefit from slipping one of these little saviors into your bathroom routine. The truth is gentlemen, that every guy out there can benefit from taking a little extra care of his body. After all, some of us spend hours in the gym each week and try to stick to a reasonably healthy diet, to look our best, so why fail at the final hurdle and not look after your skin correctly? It just makes no sense.

The importance of good body care is magnified during the depths of winter, as well as the heights of summer. Opting for an SPF sun spray during the latter is paramount in protecting your skin, whilst an intense body lotion is an absolute must, whilst your skin battles the harsh winter weather. Put simply, stopping your good grooming standards at the neck isn’t going to win you any favours, especially when it comes to bearing all on the beach, in the bedroom, or at your local gym. Here are three men’s body lotions that can get you back on track and promote an even healthier looking body in the process.

Bulldog Original Body Lotion

I’m a huge fan of the entire Bulldog grooming range and none more so than their Original Body Lotion , which is enriched with natural ingredients to truly care for the skin. Designed to thoroughly lubricate the body, bring your skin back home in perfect working order, each and every day, with this true body care great. Available at a great price (around a fiver), this body lotion has been purpose built for men, in the day to day dehydrating challenges our bodies face. Bulldog describe using this product as being loyal to your skin and with it containing no artificial colours or synthetic fragrances, you can be sure that it’ll adequately take care of your skin and leave your body well nourished.

Billy Jealousy Tattoo Lotion

Stepping out of the box temporarily, it’s the turn of Billy Jealousy’s Tattoo Lotion to take center stage. An intensive body moisturiser that heals tattooed skin and leaves it smooth, much quicker than your average body lotion, when it’s time for a quick fix, you really do have to call in the big guns. Billy jealousy’s Tattoo Lotion also boosts the colour and clarity of your tattoo, so whether you’ve just had new ink, or looking to revive an old tat, you won’t go far wrong with this masterpiece. Built with the power of Green Tea and Shea Butter, maximum moisturisation is second nature for this skin care great, built specifically for men.

Jack Black Cool Moisture Body Lotion

Finally, it’s one of my favourites, Jack Black’s Cool Moisture Body Lotion. From the smell to its ability to sink into the skin and leave it supple and hydrated all day, I’ve tried to pick fault with this body lotion, but it doesn’t give me much opportunity. This fast-absorbing formula quickly gets to work on nourishing the skin and improving, not only it’s softness, but it’s tone. My skin feels ever so pleasant after each application and normally one morning dose will do just the trick all day. I’ve used several Jack Black products over the years and this one is definitely up there with their best and I’m also impressed with its value too, costing around £22 for nearly 500ml of product. It’s packaging is as slick as you feel when using this Cool Moisture Body Lotion, which is yet another reason why it deserves its place amongst the industry’s elite.