Recipe for men has grown in popularity over the years and now boasts a collection of over 40 first class male grooming favourites. In this week's men's skin care blog, we have highlighted eight of the best products from the range, which features overviews on grooming goodies for both the hair, beard and face. From the Scandinavian skin care experts that brought you the iconic Energising Bronze Cream - here's what else the Recipe For Men brand has to offer to give you yet more guidance in the bathroom

Recipe For Men Steeze Cream Wax - 80ml

A truly unique cream wax suitable for both medium to long hair types. For those who prefer to style outside-the-box and those who prefer a more groomed and professional approach. The consistency is elastic and soft. It will not give you the residue feeling of stickiness on your hair after the application. It provides you with a matte finish that holds style, without any stiffness. A strong hold with a very low shine finish. The product contains both Acai Berry and Cactus extracts which works wonders into styling your hair naturally.

Recipe For Men Army Clay Wax - 80ml

Clay based styling product with authentic clay made for boys (big and small) with short hair who are after a matte style finish. Containing extracts from the Cactus plant and Acai Berries to enrich this clay with antioxidants. Provides a perfect matte finish with a great hold and no stiffness. A medium ratio hold and extremely low shine finish. More matte than the 'Steeze Cream Wax' and a great option for those after a more natural feel and overall finish to their hair.

Recipe For Men Ultra Soft Beard Balm - 80ml

A special balm created to detangle and nourish the facial hair. It softens the hair relieving any itching underneath by the skin, whilst giving a natural shine to the hair itself. Infused with extracts of Celery which aid in calming the skin. So it leaves you feeling comfortable and soothed. Your hair afterwards is also more manageable to maintain and style and you'll notice you don't play or touch it with this botanical beard balm working its magic into it.

Recipe For Men Silver Crystal Pomade Wax - 80ml

A really unique crystal clear, sparkling gel. Much like the old school boy days, styling gels on the market, which left your hair with that hard, plastic looking hair. This pay homage to that classic product, but with a better outcome. This pomade with the same visual to the old gels, gives you a medium style hold with a high shine finish. Created and beautifully blended with a formula that leaves you with multiple styles achievable, the slicked back or retro spikey fringe are all available and your hair wont have that hardness to it afterwards. The pomade contains a slight silver shimmer to your hair, something a little different, something a little bold. With that you get a flexible hold, with added shine, for a hold that can last all day long.

Recipe For Men Bionic Sheen Wax - 80ml

A versatile wax that can double as a dry shampoo in-between washes. This unique blend with added Cactus and Acai Berry extracts, gives you a pliable formula that easily gives you a flexible and strong hold. Grants you a natural looking shine with it add silver pigments to let your hair really stand out. Workable into many different styles - and drawing out grease and dirt at the same time,q finds you this magic in a tub. A truly wonderful formula that should be sitting on your bathroom shelf ready for each day.

Recipe For Men Desert Clay Wax - 80ml

Did you just wake up? Well, with this 'Desert Clay Wax' it could be hard to tell the difference. The sand coloured base in this wax gives you a perfect hold, about 7/10 with its semi-matte texture and firmness. It has been designed to hold hair in place for longer. Just warm the clay through in your hands, this will stretch it better and be more even when applying to the hair. Work it through and ruffle through to create the desired messy look you're after.

Recipe For Men Shampoo & Conditioner - 250ml

A 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner set designed for the beard. With its rich antioxidant Acai Berries formula, it cleanses and moisturises at the same time. Break away dirt and oils to clean your beard and then let the lightweight formula moisturise whilst it disperses the grime. Your beard hair will detangle allowing for easier grooming and combing. A beautiful healthy shine will bounce of your beard after using this multi-functional, luxury combined shampoo & conditioner. You'll feel ready and refreshed.

Recipe For Men Savage Fiber Cream Wax - 80ml

A monstrous hold from 'Savage Fiber Cream Wax' guaranteed an all day locked and loaded hold. With botanical agents from Cactus extracts and Acai Berries, this super rich in antioxidants wax will become a hair product you can rely on. Solid style without added weight will give you something to smile about. Suitable for all hair types it gives you a 10/10 hold (a vice-grip hold) and 8/10 ratio for shine. You'll be a styled force to be reckoned with.