Men's Electric ShaverToday's grooming blog navigates you towards successful electric shaving. Seen as a less intrusive shaving procedure, electric shaving is a handy and mostly quicker substitute to traditional wet shaving and get it right now gents and forever reap the rewards. By following our 6 simple grooming tips to electric shaving, you too can achieve a great finish whilst significantly reducing the risk of razor bumps, nicks and cuts.


So, let’s begin.

1. Prep Right

Wetting and washing your face with a light exfoliator or face wash does a great job at softening tough stubble and making your hairs effectively stand on their ends. After you've washed, place a hot flannel over your face for a few minutes and this will further soften your hair follicles so they're primed for easy cutting.


2. Baby Soft

Next, pat dry your face with a dry towel to avoid any irritation and apply a little talcum powder to your stubble. This will ensure that your facial hair remains soft whilst shaving and it won't end up getting caught up in your razor and uncomfortably pull.


3 Primed and Ready

With the use of a pre shave treatment or oil your skin benefits from maximum protection during the tough rigors of shaving. A shaving oil quite literally creates a protective barrier between the skin and razor blades, significantly reducing the risk of damage, irritation or pain. A good pre-shave oil can cost between £6 and £15, and remember guys, only a few drops are all that's needed.


eshave Aftershave Soother4. Hold It Tight

Once you've found the grain of your hair, shave against it whilst holding that area of skin nice and tight. Doing so will create enough tension within the skin to expose finer hair follicles and allow them to be trimmed nice and closely. Holding your skin in a taught position significantly reduces the likelihood of hairs being missed, which is why your electric shave may sometimes appear patch after you've finished.


5. Post Shave Care

Once you've finished, apply a little aftershave balm to your skin to instantly restore your skin's natural moisture level and reinforce its barriers and defences. A good quality aftershave balm also speeds up your skin's recovery, perfect if you suffer with post shave redness and irritation.


6. Don't forget the basics

Finally gents, never underestimate the value of good razor maintenance. Remember to clean it thoroughly with the included brush and change their blades about once a year. It's very important not to mix up blades for different models as this can be dangerous to your skin.


Simple shaving in 6 steps. With MaleSkin, now you have no reason to look your best.