Sulphate-Free Daily Face Wash Travel Size: 8 oz / 60ml

Take this little gem with you when you’re away from home to ensure your grooming routine doesn’t suffer. Packed with the same formula as its larger version. This daily face wash is sulphate-free, paraben-free and fragrance-free. It makes it the best option for all skin types, those included in the sensitive skin range too. It uses coconut-derived cleansing agents to promote a deep and natural clean to the face. It works for your skin and facial hair too. Providing you with a strong cleanse, wherever that dirt might be hiding. The solution will break down/through grime and oils that surface on the skin and hair. Without drying out the skin it rinses the impurities and leaves you refreshed. Aloe Vera and Allantoin help to hydrate and reduce redness against the skin. And caffeine is added too, to energise and invigorate your senses. Your facial hair becomes softer and fuller once the product is used against it. It also helps support a healthier and stronger beard too. Cleansing the area under your beard and with its botanical extracts, (aiding in hydration and nourishment to the skin) this allows the beard hair to flourish stronger. Just apply a small dollop to your hands and massage into the face and beard. Avoid the eye area and rinse thoroughly off to reveal a clean and fresh face.

SPF 15 Oil Free Moisturiser:

A lightweight daily facial moisturiser that can be used to protect against UV damages. Paraben free and formulated with essential ingredients to provide maximum protection. This moisturiser is suitable for daily use, both morning and evening. It works at negating the damages caused by both UVA & UVB rays the sun emits. It has been blessed ‘SurferPROOF’, ‘SkaterPROOF’ & ‘SnowboardPROOF’ due to how it helps protect the skin. Especially for those who lead and live this kind of outdoor lifestyle. Just a small dollop in the palms and then transferred to your face and neck also for total protection. The formula contains glycerine to help with the trouble of moisture loss and dry skin. Ensuring that the area is hydrated and plump. Vitamin E is also used to soothe the skin and keep it soft. Its easily absorbed and doesn’t leave that greasy residue to the skin. So, you can continue with your day and not wait ages for it to sink in. It has a shine-free finish and leaves you looking healthy. Fragrance-free also, this handy sized tube is accessible anyway due to its convenient size.

Shave Tonic Travel Size

Baxter of California have created a travel size version of their essential cooling elixir. This revitalizing tonic splashes the face with goodness, pre- & post-shave. Infused with a multitude of natural extracts and formulated to resemble and balance out your skins pH. This tonic should be in your carryon regardless. So, whether you are travelling for business or pleasure, you know you are fully protected, and your grooming routine doesn’t have to suffer. The formula contains essential oils made up from, spearmint, camphor, rosemary and eucalyptus. These are designed to sooth and nourish the skin and balance out the skins natural pH as mentioned above. Combined also are vitamins A, D & E that fortify the skin and keep it hydrated. Aloe Vera is used for its calming, restorative and soothing properties. Post shave irritation can be doused with this type of extract. This shave tone helps to open clogged pores and remove impurities from the skin. To apply you can spray directly on the face, or should you wish to use a towel you can spray directly on the towel and press into the face. For a pre-shave treatment, wet a clean towel in hot water and ring out. Spray the towel and apply to face for 30 seconds. Leave the solution on and follow up with a shaving cream. And for post-shave, similar rules apply to get the best outcome. Just doused a clean towel in cold water this time and again, ring out, spray and apply the towel to the face. Hold for 30 seconds to help close the pores in your skin and leave the formula on your skin. Allow to be absorbed and follow up with a moisturiser to lock in any moisture on the skin.

Large Comb

This handcrafted (with a 12-step manufacturing process) comb was created to be durable and long-lasting. Whilst using the product to comb through your hair, you’ll notice how comfortable the applicator is. It provides you with maximum comfort regardless and grooms you brilliantly. This swiss-made item was crafted using high quality cellulose acetate. This precision allows for accuracy. The length of the comb is 7.75” in length and comes with rounded tips and smooth tapered teeth. The comb glides through your hair, without damaging or upsetting your scalp. The colour of this comb has been named ‘Tortoise’. This combs a great option to brush through your hair wet or dry. If you are using Baxter of California’s “Daily Fortifying Conditioner” this would opt as a great tool beside that for those with long hair who wish to unknot their hair in the shower. You’ll be able to untangle any strands that may have become tied.

Derby Replacement Blades: (4 packs of 5 blades = 20 blades in total)

Derby blades are made and constructed using Swedish steel. The metal is then put through a process help better utilise the resource. It is perforated, hardened and ground by state- of-the-art equipment. The blades work for the double-edged safety razor and you should ensure your blades are never dull when shaving. For the best results always check that the blade is clean, and shave as close as possible. Their edges feature a combination of tungsten, chromium-ceramic and platinum coating. To provide precision and dull-resistant sharpness. Each blade has undergone strict quality control inspections throughout the manufacturing process, to ensure only the best and highest premium quality and an effortless shave when the product makes it to your bathroom. The blades are not compatible with Cartridge Razor Handles. They are compatible with Double Edge Safety Razor Handles. To use, carefully insert the blade just after you unscrew the razor head from the base.

Canvas Dopp Bag

How do you transport your travel-sized skincare and body care items, plus accessories? You use the Canvas Dopp Bag. Why? Because it holds everything all together for manageability and ease. So, if you are on holiday with the family, a romantic getaway for 2, or a business trip has emerged and you’re the only one to secure that deal. You should have a reliant partner to help ensure you the right tools for keeping you looking your (absolute) best. Allow TSA approved toiletries to make the journey with you, with this water resistant and navy-blue canvas bag. The interior features a cool shades of blue camouflage interior.

Dopp Bag

A custom navy-blue canvas bag that features an emblem on the front. This blue bag is made from canvas and the perfect partner to pack your essential toiletries in. TSA approved size products fit perfectly inside this handy carry on. The bad is spacious and features a zip. You can take your skincare, body care or hair products on route with you with ease. Should you find yourself on holiday, or on a business-related trip, rest assured Baxter of California has your back. For a confident time away from home and the luxury of your entire grooming range in a handy accessible travel bag. Choose Baxter of California’s Dopp Bag.

Beard Comb

This Swiss-made beard comb will help to shape and tame an unruly beard. The product is made from high quality acetate sheets, which are naturally modified polymers. Derived tree pulp cellulose and cotton allow this to be possible. Once layers have been built, the product is cut and polished into shape. There is a 12- step process that allows this design to be created and each manufactured step is done by hand. The shape consists of rounded tips and smooth tapered teeth. These designs help to control the combs movement through your facial hair, to give you comfort and care. The length of the comb is 3.35” and the colour is branded ‘Tortoise’. The comb is a fantastic option and travel-handy too to untangle and groom your beard. A beautifully hand constructed tool made entirely in Switzerland.

Blue Steel “Not A Replica” Straight Razor

Baxter of California’s pride in terms for facial grooming. The ‘Blue Steel Straight Razor’ is not for the average user. It takes some considerable skill to wield this grooming tool. The blade which folds nicely into its handle is a singular blade. Proudly manufactured by Hart Steel experts in the USA, this blade is the ultimate tool for any serious shaver. Beautiful dedication and craftmanship have gone into wielding this “cut-throat” razor (also known as). It features a black matte handle, which is called a tang and a blue steel blade. It is water-resistant and tested to ensure the sharpest and most long-lasting edge possibly made for safe use against the face. It has been tested at Rockwell hardness factor of 63, so quality and reassurance have gone into every step of this tool being created. The product comes with an entourage, a deerskin sleeve to keep the blade secure when not being used. A hex wrench for tightening the pin and care instructions too. All this comes together is a brilliant storage box. As we’ve mentioned, this blade is extremely sharp and should only be used by those who are confident and comfortable to do so. Any one who is new to shaving should opt for another tool, which will still give you dashing and affordable results.

Five Blade Cartridge Razor

A multi-blade razor that is lightweight and features protective components to ensure safely whilst you shave. The razer contains multiple blades to provide an extremely close shave to the grain. It provides you with an irritation free shave each time you groom yourself. The components that ensure personal safety include a gel strip that provides a protective cushioning to the skin, whilst the blade cuts through your facial hair. The handle is lightweight and uses a high-graded resin. This design enables you to balance out the weight of force across all the blades whilst shaving. Providing you with an even and swift shaving experience. The blades are also skin-guarded and stretch and prep the skin for that close and smooth shave. Since your face contours the blades move and hinge to prevent irritation or cuts to the skin. This style of razor (multi-bladed) are a great option for those who need a quick shave and are pressed for time. They make a great choice too, if you just need to touch up an area or sculp the sides of beard. (*example* - sideburns or cheek for a more contoured look).

Three Blade Cartridge Razor

The three blades for this model of razor provide the user with a quick and effective shave. For a shave that is irritation free and comfortable, choice this model by Baxter of California. With some protective features to ensure a great shave and safety for you as well. The blades move with the contour of your face to negate the chances of irritation and cuts performing. The strip alongside the blade is gel, this provides a cushioning for the blade against the skin. With a lightweight handle and the high-grade resin used, the balance of force of weight against the skin is endured by all the blades to create an even and comfortable shave. You’ll also find the skin-guarded blades stretch and prep the skin too. Multi-bladed razors are a fantastic option for those who are pressed for time and unable to use a straight or safety razor. For touch ups, full and quick shaves, this style of multi-blade razor will give you a helping hand should you choose this option.