Evolution Man Clay Mud MaskIn the world of face masks for men, the selection isn't that vast. There's a couple out there from the likes of Vitaman and Menscience, but compared to other ranges like moisturisers and shaving creams, the options available are very limited. One male skin care brand looking to engineer a foothold in this growingly popular segment is Evolution Man. With an exciting range of male grooming products already on offer from this hugely popular U.S based brand, it wasn't a difficult decision to offer it to our skin care lovers, especially after seeing the results it gives for ourselves.


The first thing we'd like to say about this face mask, officially called a Resurfacing Clay Mud Mask is that it is perfect for gentlemen of any age. A combination of Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid work to breakdown grime and debris deep within the skin that cause the onset of whiteheads and blackheads, perfect for younger guys who typically struggle with such imperfections. Meanwhile, the same complex also works intensely to fight discolouration of the skin and encourages the exposure of new skin cells, by removing dead cells from the very surface of the skin. The result? Expert anti-aging benefits can be achieved with just a twice weekly treatment with wrinkles looking less defined and the skin looking younger.


Evolution Man claim that this product is the closest thing you will get to an at home treatment, which in some ways is very true. You do feel great after use and your skin quite simply looks clarified, clean, smooth and revitalized. It is worth noting though that there are specialist at home products from the likes of Nickel, which also do a fantastic job at treating the skin whilst in the comfort of your own home, but, it's branding...we get it!


We're a personal fan of Evolution Man’s packaging. It looks manly, it feels manly and in our opinion, it would certainly not look out of place on your bedside table or bathroom shelf. Application is nice and easy too! By rubbing a fair amount over the entirety of your face and leaving for 15-20 minutes, you're really going to capitalize on the skin goodness that this men's face mask harbours. Remember, like with all face masks, avoid contact with the eyes as it can result in irritation and harmful drying.


To summarise: Evolution Man's Resurfacing Clay Mud Mask is a transformative and energising men's skin care product. It treats, cleans, tones and evens every layer of the skin to reveal healthier looking skin. Whilst a powerful Alpha Hydroxy complex brings your skin's equilibrium back up to scratch, this product also works tirelessly to moisturise the skin and tighten the pores, resulting in your appearance looking less fatigued.


Overall, an absolutely fantastic and welcome addition to the male grooming arena. Use a couple of times a week for a complete relax session and after three or four weeks, you are sure to be left counting the benefits and not the cost.