It's been over eighteen months since Male Skin began to stock FIT Skincare. With their delightful collection of forward thinking body care treatments for men, as well as hair care products, the brand itself has gone from strength to strength. In recent months, FIT skincare has undergone something of a transformation. Now, neatly packaged in metallic bottles, resembling the slickness of Fit's target market, we believe that by bringing things back to basics with its edgy packaging will be the Launchpad for the new look brand.

This week, we were lucky enough to sample some more products from the new look FIT Skin Care range, with the increased size and sleekness of the packaging seriously impressing the guys at Male Skin. The range itself still harbors ten thrilling products, covering most bases on the men’s body care front. With a Lip Serum, Massage Gel, Fat Burning Treatment and luxury eye cream included, there is little surprise that more and more gentlemen have begun to sit up and take notice at the benefits of going for a bit of FIT.

Fit Skincare’s Shampoo and Conditioner received rave reviews from Alex here at MaleSkin this week. With the fresh and invigorating scent of both being somewhat captivating and the clean feeling it leaves the hair and scalp being branded ‘marvelous’, by the typically hard to please guru. Maybe FIT caught him on a good day, but most probably, these two corner stones of FIT’s range really do live up to the billing. It’s safe to say that Alex cannot wait to test more products from the range and in the coming weeks, we hope to home in on the Keep Thick Hair Thickening Treatment and Lip Serum FIT offer, to really see if its initial excellence and perfection can be continued.

Our existing FIT skin care customer regularly shout about the expertise and luxuriousness of the brand and with the recent re-design fully developed and bold marketing campaigns set out by the company, watch this space, as the brand, as a whole, take s its stranglehold on the male grooming market. A fantastic effort from another fabulous British Based men’s grooming brand.