If you're anything like me gents, the thought of standing over the basin at 6.30 in the morning trying to muster up enough energy for a shave isn't exactly the stuff that dreams are made of. Whether it's a busy day at work, meetings or you've simply put it off for long enough, most of the time it can be a right pain! On top of that, fighting for an ounce of concentration to ensure you negotiate stubble with a hint of safety can just seem too much like hard work.


There are of course, an abundance of male skin care and grooming products out there designed to make your shaving routine slightly less dull and provide you with enough inspiration to master the perfect facial hair chop. But, it just never seems to work, am I right? Apart from having a shave in a hot tub surrounded by honey's, to simply accentuate your masculinity, nothing really works in alleviating the pure stress and agro associated with daily shaving.


That was the case gents, of course up until about eight weeks ago when I stumbled across a men's shaving oil at a friend’s house. I'd heard many good things about shaving oil for men and was advised by a good friend of mine to try one out. After all, i'm in my mid-20's now, so, surely it was about time to get out of the old adolescent habits and unpredictability of shaving and bid a fond farewell to my Mach 3 Turbo Gel.


After continued use and borderline addiction throughout late last year and over the festive season, I thought it only right to share my experiences of this magical grooming hit to my fellow man. In today's men's skincare blog, I'll be spilling the beans on the core benefits to using shaving oil as a man, in the hope that it may pave the way for gentlemen currently caught in a bathroom pickle, to a new realm of grooming, style and confidence.


So, quitting the jibber jabber, so to speak, let's get down to it as I collate my top five benefits of replacing your bog standard foam or shaving gel, with a luxury oil. Afterwards, I'll be highlighting just how I have tweaked my shaving routine to take on board such a grooming product as well as share some popular products that me and the guys use in search of a simply astonishing and fuss free shave...So, let’s enjoy!


Key Benefits:

From time to time, I like to sport a little bit of facial hair. Whether it's a subtle goatee, a Craig David 'Seven Days' classic or some simple sideburns. I always seemed to struggle to negotiate good styling with shaving creams and foams in particular. But with oil, it's a different cattle of fish. It’s clear base quickly and visibly softens stubble and facial hair for great facial styling. Allowing me to see exactly where I’m shaping and placing my razor, if I’m looking for a certain look before a big night out with the guys, oil is definitely my go to guy.


Secondly, I always seem to struggle with dry skin after shaving. I was told that this could be down to the fact that most guys have to wash off residue such as foam and gel from hard to reach areas and this can, in many ways, contribute to your skin’s downfall. Shaving oil is most certainly cleaner and fuss free, as most of us guys should only use three or four drops in application. Avoid fanning up the mirror with shaving foam and having the missus give you grief with a little and discreet spplication of oil...A winner in every way in my book.


I quickly came to realise that shaving oil makes my skin lovely and soft, especially after shaving. I then read an interesting article saying that you could put it on your feet and elbows for softening skin. So gents, you can only imagine what it did for my dry skin! A wonderful hydrating product, leave your skin looking soft and supple, fit for a grooming god.


The fourth key benefit is the longevity of the product. I always seem to forget to ask my other half to get stuff whilst out shopping and when it comes to shaving products it's no different. One small tub has lasted me a couple of months now and I’m only just getting to half way through the bottle. Not bad if you want to avoid the pinch of expensive grooming products.


Finally, it's all about the time! I'm a busy man and I'm sure you are. Shaving regularly (3/4 times a week) used to be a killer. Apart from slotting one in during half time or before going out on a Saturday night, finding time used to be a right struggle. Shaving oil is quick, fast and fuss free. The whole process is quicker and in removing or trimming hair it is incredibly efficient.


My shaving regime with oil now consists of showering in the morning to let the steam do the hard work in softening stubble, pat drying my face, leaving my stubble damp and applying three or four small drops of oil to my palms. I rub the shaving oil around in circular movements, making sure to cover the entirety of my facial hair. You may wish to splash more warm water on your face throughout your shave, as water acts as a carrier to oil, however, that's the smallest of prices to pay, trust me!


Making sure to keep your razor movements aligned with your hair growth direction (i.e. towards your chin) and remembering to rinse the razor regularly to avoid follicle build up, you too will quickly come to realise the complete all round protection and benefits offered by such a revolutionary grooming product for men.


What to buy:

Vitaman Easy Glide Shaving Oil - A real winner if you suffer with post shave irritation caused by tug and pull. Vitaman's oil is enriched with minerals and powerful oils to intensely soften facial hair and creates a smooth razor glide.

Polaar Men Shaving Oil - Another wonderful product for continually dehydrated skin. Derived with powerful ingredients that are found in the arctic and Antarctic regions, Polaar Men take the true meaning of skin care for men and simply run with it.

Men Rock Shave Oil - Affordable, wonderfully scented and masculine. Men do really rock with this great shaving oil. For a man's man, choose this expert grooming product.