Menscience Acne Therapy LotionThis week, we have enlisted the help of men's grooming experts, to help us guys look simply fabulous at the drop of a hat. Whether you're fighting common imperfections like spots, acne or dark circles, or you simply want to feel better about your appearance, there are certainly a few grooming game changers out there to help boost your wash bag and confidence.

Wanting to attract that gorgeous guy perhaps? If so, discover how just a little touch up from the grooming fairies can take you such a long way towards bagging that killer hunk!


1. Learn to fake it.

It's still surprising the number of gay guys who are reluctant to get on board with fake tanning agents. So, allow MaleSkin to start you off with a little help in hand. With the use of a men's tinted moisturiser, you can finally achieve a chiselled, tanned and healthy glow, within a matter of minutes. If that wasn't enough, these forms of cosmetics for men offer subtle covering properties to minimise the appearance of facial marks and blemishes.


2. Conceal and Reveal

Never underestimate the power of a good quality concealer for men. The world's best concealer for men, to this day, undoubtedly remains MMUK MAN's concealer stick and this will go a long way towards covering those lingering spots and marks in the most masculine of ways. The male concealer is discreet and easy to apply, perfect for guys who want to make a lasting impression.


3. Use a good eye cream

Dark circles, panda eyes and eye bags are not something that's going to attract the man of our dreams. Instead, opt for a little eye cream for men and quickly reverse the negative effects of aging, stress and fatigued eyes. Easy to use and delivered really quickly, especially to guys in the U.S, now is your chance to get on board with this big range of grooming hits.


4. Always Smell Sublime

Get your hands on a quality men's fragrance. With a dash of Davidoff or a sprinkle of Sean Paul, you will not just smell better, but your attraction levels are proven to increase by as much as 37%. Now there's a good reason why to sport your favourite cologne.


5. Are you a Guyliner Man?

MaleSkin offer a great range of guy liner! Frame your eyes and make them appear more captivating than ever for an instant head turning lift. Lock the attention of that guy at the bar and never let it go with the likes of Calvin Klein and MMUK, who both offer great ranges. Smudge for a fuller and thicker effect, and have instant lift off, before turning your bathroom habits into bedroom success.