Good Looking ManOkay guys, so you wouldn't have to scour the web for too long before finding some quality advice on what to do to upgrade your grooming performance.  But, what about the things you shouldn't do to bag yourself a champion look?  

It's all good adopting some key skincare for men tactics, but if you're failing at the final hurdle with some basic errors, you'll inevitably end up feeling the pinch.


In today's men's skincare blog, MaleSkin have listed the top five grooming mistakes made by gentlemen, put together to help you cut them out of your routine and day to day lives entirely.  The fact remains fellas, that by taking that little bit of notice now, you will be in a much better place in terms of finally getting that look you’ve always dreamed of.  Read our top five grooming habits to cut out, to make those painful days in the bathroom some of the best in your life.


Surge your confidence and cast a spell on your grooming guru's with these five key skincare tips to get you well and truly back on track.


Picking Spots

Menscience Spot CreamThere is no doubt that picking spots is a key area to avoid.  Apart from swelling the skin, inflaming it and damaging your confidence, picking spots don't make them go away any quicker.  You may think that the removal of puss decreases their appearance but when spread into your uninfected pores, you're instantly putting the rest of your skin at risk of attack.

If you absolutely must pick a spot because it's just too bulging to leave, use a clean piece of tissue and squeeze evenly, before immediately washing, cleansing and toning your entire face..  Get out of the habit and stop picking those pimples for a better looking complexion in the long run.  Instead, use a men's spot cream or acne treatment for effective targeting of troubled and plagued skin.


Not Wearing Sun Cream

Polaar Men SuncreamAbsolutely vital and one that every expert will tell you is imperative, a good quality sun cream or men's skincare product that contains SPF.  Avoid prematurely aging skin, sun burn and uneven skin tone cropping up when you least expect it by taking that little extra care of yourself.  We all know how hard it is to forget wearing sun cream, but that's no excuse fellas.  Get to grips with a sun cream and stay protected all day long.


Not Washing After Exercise

Not showering or washing after exercise is an absolute cardinal sin folks!  After working out, your skin holds most of its toxins and debris at its surface, along with increased levels of oil, salt and bacteria at the surface of your pores.  After a good stint on the treadmill, you're now in prime position to get rid of them once and for all with a good quality face scrub, or even better, a cleanser and toner duo.  Washing directly at this stage, quite literally clears and revitalizes your skin, and leaves it looking fantastic!  Failing to wash after the gym, will result in clogged pores and damaged skin cells.  Combat now, or forever pay the consequences!


Choosing the Wrong Shade of Concealer

An absolute betrayal to your inner masculinity, wearing the wrong shade of men's cosmetics.  Concealer, foundation or even bronzer?  Regardless of how often you wear it, make sure you consult an expert as to the best shade of cosmetic products for your skin.  Most brands offer very basic colours, so it's important to get a good idea of what will suit you best.  MMUK MAN offer great help and are certainly coveted by many gentlemen and male grooming experts.

We appreciate how difficult it can be to get your colour right, so feel free to contact one of our experts before choosing such a form of product.  Get it right once and forever reap the reward from the sheer power of male cosmetic products.


Washing Too Often

Some guys can be a little obsessive about how often they wash, especially if they suffer from troublesome skin.  Remember, two washes a day will be just fine and over washing can leave you in a whole new world of grooming grief.  Washing too often, strips all the minerals from your skin and fundamentally results in it secreting more oil to compensate for its losses.  As a result, you end up going round and round in circles, with very little hope of achieving your desired complexion.  Use a face scrub once a day and a softening face wash at night for the best results day after day.